Throwing A Cigar Artisans Super Bowl Party

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: January 27, 2009

SEATTLE — I’ve just received my first official Super Bowl Party invitation and was told that I could bring a few of my friends and tell as many people that I know who could appreciate some of the finer things in life.

The Thompson Cigar Company, the oldest mail order cigar company in the country, is having a Cigar Artisans event that will last the entire Super Bowl Week in Tampa, Florida.

At the Cigar Artisans you will get the chance to sample a few cigars such as the Podron, Don Pepin and the Cusano in a completely relaxed environment.

These are some of the finest high end cigars that the Thompson Cigar company will have on display with unbelievable deals the entire week.

Also on hand to help you navigate your way around the event and enhance your experience will be some of the brand owners and Thompson Cigar representatives to answer questions and show you how to get the most out of your cigar.

This will be the perfect opportunity to increase your cigar I.Q. and get answers to the questions such as which cigars best compliment Brandy and Cognac.

Listen, you don’t just go out and buy a car without any research or pick up any old bottle champagne for New Years. The cigar that you smoke says a lot about you whether you know it or not. Maybe it’s time that you find out.

It’s going to be a slamming party with plenty of food and music to accompany the event.

I will be there and look forward to seeing you as well.

Click here for address and directions.