Straight No Chaser: Callin’ You Out

By Desi Cortez
Updated: January 15, 2009

DENVER Sometimes I just don’t know what goes thru that guy’s mind…

Fox Sports analyst and Hall of Famer quarterback Troy Aikman casually slighted Donovan McNabb’s unplanned enthusiasm as, in so many words ” that boy’s crazy.”

Picking up a phone on the sidelines of an NFL playoff game, a gesture which I contend says ” hey guys, whatever plays your phoning down…they ain’t working.” done in the waning moments of a conflict your Eagles were suppose to lose – in part because of your ineptness at playing the most demanding position on the field…

This impromptu act is depicted by Aikman as a petty move, reflecting a full grown kid, caught up in the moment, unable to control your exuberance. Classless and tasteless bush league shenanigans.

Regardless of Aikman’s perspective, that’s the scenario I think we saw play out on global TV, those are the thoughts racing thru No. 5’s mind as he defied his vast array of nation-wide critics, as he was leading his troops into the semi-finale game. But one-step away from silencing his hostile critics… forever.

And much more significantly, I’d bet McNabb was pondering the monumental thought. This is one more step for every little Black boy who wants to play Quarterback for his Pee-Wee league team or high school squad.

That when the big mean angry Caucasian coach, who voted for Dick Cheney…twice, despite knowing Cheney opposed the MLK national holiday, while supporting apartheid in South Africa – tells that little boy – he’s better suited to play tailback or flanker, that boy can look to McNabb’s performance, his overall career, look that coach in the eye, and inform him- “I’m going to stick with it, I know I can do it…”

Yeah, that’s what I believe was running thru McNabbs mind when he picked up the phone on the G-Mens sideline.

Now, I can’t really say what was running thru Troy Aikman’s mind as he accepted what can only be deemed as completely out-of-line assistance from the United States Marshall Service, and allowed US Marshalls who’re responsible for the safety and welfare of the American public to play driver, and shuttle Aikman and his broadcast booth buddy around town.

A premeditated violation of strict government ethics rules I’d say.

Aikman had to know this was not …legal nor ethical, yet he accepted. He knew Joesph Band, a fox worker knew some people, who knew some people…who knew some people.

Nonetheless, he partook in these inappropriate exercises.

What does the ol’ fellah say about doing the right thing when no ones looking? Isn’t that a snapshot into a man’s character, what he’ll do…when no one’s looking…?

Aikman permitted this US Marshall to deviate from his duties to, in January of ’08 accept an USM escort Band set up to the Tampa airport after the sportscaster called an NFL playoff game.

And, on the morning of the 2008 Super Bowl in Arizona, the attorney also arranged for a USMS deputy to pick up Aikman and Buck at their hotel and drive the pair to University of Phoenix Stadium. After the game, a deputy drove Aikman to his hotel and escorted Buck to the airport .

Well, sometimes I just don’t know what goes thru a man’s mind…?

I find this jock sniffing favor for Aikman highly understandable considering Aikman is a football hero in all aspects of the game, his football accomplishments cannot be slighted, still, I’ve always disliked his off field persona.

Aikman and Boomer Esiason have always rubbed me the wrong way, I’ve consistently thought their thoughts and observations were somewhat condescending and patronizing towards most Afro-American athletes, especially the Black signal caller.

Sorry, I can’t explain it anymore than they’ve both rubbed me the wrong way since they stepped off the field. But What I hope comes out of this; Aikman comes to understand all men are collections of contradictions.

We do good, we do bad; we’ll run into a burning building to save a stranger, then bounce a check, run a stop-light, slap your…husband. All most of us hope, at the end of the game, we’ve done much more good than bad…

Let he who has not sinned…cast the first stone.

It strikes me, Aikman — a noted John McCain supporter — has a certain viewpoint on issues of race and politics which might perplex me if he were to ever open up, but he’s way too guarded to ever do that, still, the critics of McNabb are not limited to Aikman, it’s as if there’s a united front devoted to speaking as little good about Black athletes, and quarterbacks in general as possible, and that mindset predominates the American sports scene.

Aikman and Boomer are they spokespersons from what I can grasp.

These relics represent the last Great White Hopes from an era when the game was set-up, orchestrated to exclude Black QB’s . Honestly, it’s as if they’re guardians of pigskin folklore, defenders of the whole myth of racial superiority, and they must continuously verbally defend their cohorts and attack the Ebony gladiators who are soon to eclipse their legends.

Nonetheless, from this point on, I’ll realize the high standards Aikman holds other players up to, may not be the same ones he has to adhere tom despite if anyone is looking are not.