Stop The Madness!!

By Richard Kent
Updated: December 24, 2008

CONNECTICUT — Enough Hank. Enough Yankees.

It really is disgusting now. Three free agents whose costs exceeds many team payrolls in the worst economy in history. I will say it. Few others have to.

The Yankees are pigs. The team that I loved as a kid is a joke. They have the audacity to ask the City of New York for millions in public bonds due to cost overruns on their precious Stadium.

You know, the one that most families can’t and won’t be able to afford. How many families of four can spend $600.00 for a game for lousy seats, minimal food and bad parking?

Would Big George have entered this world of absurdity?

Who knows. Who even cares.

There are few living near the Stadium who can even afford Christmas presents for their kids this year, yet the Yankees won’t stop paying C.C. Sabathia for $161 million over seven years.

He should be ashamed. His agent should be ashamed.T he Yankees should be ashamed and the Union should be ashamed for putting pressure on players to sign these contracts.

Millions of workers throughout the country are being laid off.Few sports franchises are making money. The Houston Comets of the WNBA closed up. And now this.

All coming from a team headed by such an inept General manager that they couldn’t find their way to the World Series with a road map. It is about greed.

Pervasive greed that starts at the top and runs throughout the franchise.

Sure the T.V. money will be there next year and if the Yankees get off to a good start, the curiousity over a new stadium will prevail and many will make the trek to the Bronx.

The Wall Street execs will not be among that group as their money is drying up faster than paint. We are not advocating an antitrust violation and some form of price fixing.

We are just saying that the image created by this spending is so bad that it almost deserves a Presidential investigation. Stop criticizing the Governor of Illinois and start looking towards the Bronx.

That is where the criticism really lies. Especially in the sports world.

Please stop the Yankees. This is a bad world in 2008.