Straight No Chaser: Donovan’s Waterloo

By Desi Cortez
Updated: November 27, 2008

DENVER — Remember the day Donovan McNabb.

November 23, 2008. The place — Baltimore.

Infamy, that’d be it. What this day will do is live on forever in McNabb’s mind. The day the all-pro QB was reminded, in no uncertain terms, the pro-bowls and Campbell soup bowels don’t mean a damn thing. That was yesteryear; what have you done for the Philly fans lately, baby?

It was …spineless of Andy Reid to bench Donovan McNabb…

For the first time in a decade, Reid sat McNabb down, and he didn’t even have the mutual respect to tell the man to his face…. he let the QB coach tell McNabb he was relegated to the pine, they were sending in the Great White Hope….Who failed, miserably so.

Oh I know; it upsets some when I call a spade a spade, and a White kid a hope, when in fact, that’s exactly what Kevin Kolb is. Note how the city of Brotherly love is ready to give all the love to Kolb they never had for McNabb. This is a Rocky town, not an Apollo Creed city.

Of all people, Mike Ditka, yes Mike Ditka, the leather-head who dissed the great one – Walter Peyton, for a gimmick, an appliance, all but said – Reid had the backbone of Gumby on the ESPN MNF Pre-Game show, and handle this in a classless manner. Mr. Monster of the Midway said it was disrespectful.

I rest my case.

I question if such Slinky-like tactless tactics are how Reid tragically, and I’m sure regrettably, lost the attention and respect of his two very troubled sons, nevertheless, his interpersonal skills have resulted in his losing, what 75%, or whatever percentage Blacks comprise – of the Eagle locker room?

And hopefully a few Caucasian fellows…. who voted Obama.

These two men had gone to war together, Reid had the guts, it appeared, to stay with McNabb despite the hostility he encountered. With this in mind, Reid threw McNabb under the bus with this weak sorry-ass move.

A move he reversed with in what 36 hours. A checker board move in a Chess game, an ill-advised effort to send a message, light a fire under this …..boy?

I’m sure this move cost Reid the team. If he’s lost the team, it’s time to go home, back to the Great Salt Lake. Back to the land of Mormons. Those folks who believed for well over a hundred years Blacks weren’t capable of holding positions of authority and leadership in their church….

We were marked by god, branded with our Blackness……

Pardon me please, I know that little tid-bit is out-of-bounds, irrelevant when mentioning Reid or GOP poster boy Mitch Romney….but it’s extremely difficult to separate Reid from his faith when his faith stood on that racist point until the NCAA started talking about taking scholarships….

Maybe Reid’s family members, in-laws, frat brothers or church buddies were questioning his support of this one, the Black Quarterback. None of that seems far-fetched and out of the question when I consider the nation we live in.

Oral Roberts, Bob Jones, Liberty University… David Duke Institute…One time blatantly racist institutions of questionable learning. Being cast with this lot would have stunted the Mormon Church’s growth…. viewing Blacks as human beings…. was a business move for BYU .

God didn’t call nobody to tell anybody anything.

It’s odd, Black players who must play for a Mormon. I doubt the league would ask White players to play for a Black Muslim, as in followers of Farrakhan. Because there’s no real difference between White Mormons and Black Muslims…. Fanatical cults both.

My humble apologies to the bean-pie pushers, but Farrakhan has the blood of Malcolm on his hands to this day, and I can’t get over it.

I choose not to ignore the religious aspect of this racially charged situation… because I don’t trust Reid after this careless move. I don’t know if he’s one of the “good-ones”, one of the enlightened few. I question his perception and evaluation of his Black players…..sorry.

He may like them, and he very well may see them as …..children, chattel, human property, gladiators he trains. I don’t know, nor do you. What I do know is he treated McNabb in a highly disrespectful manner, in the eyes of many, Black and White alike.

Granted No. 5 was having his second consecutive sub-par outing, still, his running attack, had failed to attack. They’d only accounted for 28 yards…. Luckily Philly was only trailing by 3 at the half. It’s as if Reid now had an excuse to bench McNabb, put in the Hope, and, if nothing else, appease the Archie Bunkers in the sports bars across the city, the nation. And he did it.

McNabb made this easy with the sup-par performances and his admission he is clearly not a student of the game, or of politics….When this leader-of-men, Afro-American role model willingly confessed he’d never voted and, didn’t understand the league rules on overtimes and ties…that was a green light for those who’ve advocated since the day the Orangeman was drafted – Donavan was not a student of the game.

Or evidently a student interested in the world around him.

Unfortunately there’re some things which are indefensible, those two infractions I can’t defend nor rationalize for McNabb, not that he’s asking me to, but he ought to be, because those two admissions, especially the Overtime issue, will be what ends his career in Pennsylvania – thank the gridiron gods ….

What comes out of this….. I hope a mutiny in the league, guys grow the testicles to publicly admit Black QB’s are treated differently by fans, journalist and coaches. And most importantly, McNabb finds himself up-North, in the land of the Norsemen, leading the Purple People Eaters into battle ….with Adrian Peterson carrying the Viking flag.

Let the Eagles and their fans go find themselves a pro-bowl Quarterback….the right kinda’ guy. Why don’t they hold city-wide tryouts, pick a guy off a sandlot, semi-pro. It worked once right, made for a happy-feel good, rags-to-riches, Great White Hope tall tales, give it another shot Philly sportsfans.