Our Turn Or Is It-In Special Honor To Barack Obama’s Victory

Updated: November 6, 2008



There is NO doubt at all

Barack Obama’s life has

changed FOREVER

then eternally he will be

in the Record Books

But that is not the Real Issue is it.

For you and all of us it is what does it mean to our Lives both personally and collectively. It will be exciting to watch President-elect Obama work his way through the Transition. To live through him as we do when we read any good book or watch any engaging movie. We ge lost in these forms of entertainment. Psychologically it is a necessary release “transference” built into the human core.

Then there will be the most

riveting day of it all

Inauguration Day

January 20, 2009

When it becomes very very real amid the enrapture of pomp that will be greater and grander and filled with Symbolism more than any before. The crowds that will fill the streets of Washington, DC will be larger than ever seen. More Americans and people around the world will watch this Inauguration than any before.

It may not be an official national holiday but it will sure seem like one. Unlike most Inaugurations which the vast majority of Americans mange to largely ignore as they go about their own daily activities.

Not this time.

So far so good so VERY good

And if there was nothing more it will still be worth it. Even if it is nothing more than pay back time overdue for generations and hundreds of years since the first African was sold into Slavery by fellow Africans to eager White “merchants” (sic) waiting to fill their ravenous hulls full of men, women and children destined for a “new life in America.” Yes if it were only entertaining Obama’s election it will be enough. For some.

That is sure how it looks now

and will for months to come

those memories will live on

and on forever more as long

as there is human life

But one year from now it will be November 6, 2009, a very normal workday Friday from sea to troubled sea across America, likewise in Washington, DC and in the Oval Office with President Obama sitting behind President Lincoln’s own desk.

That’s when we will know

how real CHANGE is

YES we can or

NO we can’t will

be on our Lips

SO WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO START WRITING SPORT BLACK BOX. We can read The New York Times or Washington Post for political commentary. And they do it better. OUCH. Take a Chill Pill. We are talking Sports disgruntled Box reader.

You know our mantra from Day #1. Sports is LIFE. Certainly not some trivial pursuit. As Sports haters want to believe. They are only fooling themselves. What remains to be seen in Sports what if any impact the Obama Presidency has for African Americans.

We’ve been taking on this subject up since he first announced 22 long months ago. But after Tuesday’s result the question takes on way more meaning.

One positive result is fairly certain. Successful African Americans. Those with good pedigrees and degrees from the BEST colleges just like Barack and Michelle will fare very very well. Because they will be sought after in a Trendy Way as never before.

Every rich successful White American is going to want to have their own Barack Obama and/or Michelle Obama “look alike” in their own Inner Circle now.

Much more successful talented African Americans are going to demand more of themselves and most of all challenge high level barriers like they never have before. President Obama truly will be a model for African Americans the higher they are on the Food Chain in America. Likewise famous and important Black athletes always in demand will be even more in demand while Barack Obama is President.

Here’s the point that leaves

90%+ of African Americans

in Sports who or who want

to be in Sports so here is

the QUESTION what will

President Obama mean

for ALL the rest of us

That is a very OPEN question on two fronts that we won’t be able to fully judge until at least November 6, 2009, or later, although we may start getting signals as early as today. The two all important questions are 1) Will President Obama do anything specific to level the playing field in the mega bucks Sports industry for African Americans, and 2) whether he does or does not is the White Power Structure, and the White Ruling Elite in Sports going to care whether he does or dos not. Or do anything about it ???

Complicating the matter for Obama and all of us while he raised lots of contributions $100 and less Obama in addition Barack raised an all time record number of $30,000 contributors and even more hundreds of so called “bundlers” who raised and contributed hundreds of thousands for Obama for President.

Among the White Money Elite who gave to Obama are lots of White Sports industry figures executives and power brokers and since they answered requests from Obama. Just the opposite now what is he going to do for them. Like pass laws and change various regulations that make them more powerful, less likely to embrace CHANGE.

Here’s one of a thousand examples we can use. Does anyone believe ANYONE that Bud Selig is going to call a special owners meeting and tell the 30 owners we must have at least one AFRICAN American owner. Which one of you White Guys is ready to sell your team. Anybody expect to read about that meeting let alone Obama inviting Commissioner Selig to the Oval Office to voice his concerns about Black Americans in Baseball.

Not in your lifetime

not on this planet of ours

so we will wait and write

and watch what happens

in that Sport known as

Washington Politics

with Obama as the

new Quarterback

time to Play !