Fifteen Yards Obama Penalty

Updated: November 7, 2008




It has already started

The Obama Effect it

might get interesting


Mr. Marshall

Have you heard about it yet. You will. Like the shot heard round the world. Let us take you to Thursday night Denver Broncos vs. Cleveland Browns. Sadly it was not a national Sunday night network game or even Monday night ESPN but Thursday night’s NFL “network” game that few got to see.

Here is the deal

it is Delicious

After what turned out to be scoring the WINNING TD Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall standing there in the End Zone started reaching for his pants. Because he had a SPECIAL package there ( no not that weirdo ) it was a plastic bag really with a Black & White glove that Brandon intended to PROUDLY wear and wave all over the End Zone his tribute to the new AFRICAN American President of the United States.

His teammates reacted with FRIGHT and quickly surrounded him BLACK and White WHY because they were WORRIED the White Referee would call a 15 yard PENALTY for either “unsportsman like like conduct” or “excessive display” take your choice. It does not matter NOW AFRICAN American NFL players have a NEW worry displaying their support for the President of the United States !!!

Here is the REAL Questions

are the AFRICAN American

players in Sports going

to be WIMPS as usual

million dollar SLAVES

or will they fight back

You can give us all the reasons you want why players should not be allowed to use the games they play in or their uniforms they wear to express personal “sentiments” or you can decide after hundreds of years of SLAVERY, then a century of Jim Crow and continuing insidious discrimination and lack of fairness there is a HIGHER Purpose here and players should “rebel” DID THE BOX SAY REBEL against the WHITE owners, WHITE league officials and WHITE team executives who use the success of their Black players to grow richer and richer so they can give vast sums to their favorite often REPUBLICAN politicians. Many of them BIG George Bush supporters believe it or not.

What’s GOOD for the owners

is GOOD for the players

what’s GOOD for the Leagues

is GOOD for the players

what’s GOOD for team execs

is GOOD for the players

Marshall next Sunday is

another game PUNCH out

any of your teammates who

try to STOP you from

expressing yourself it’s

YOUR Constitutional

God given RIGHT !!

now here’s Brandon..

Barack Obama