Exclusive Obama’s Body Man

Updated: November 2, 2008


Reggie Love


Reggie Love says he’s

“out of here” when

Barack Obama is elected

President tomorrow

DON’T bet on it

Reggie Love Basketball stands out at Duke who wanted to play in the NBA has found a more exciting if far less well paying job as Barack Obama’s so called Body Man. The two have been inseparable on and off the Basketball Court the last two years since Obama announced for President of the United States.

There is no precise definition for Body Man except it has its only serious meaning when applied to major Presidential candidates or better yet the President. On a mundane level a Body Man is nothing more than a personal assistant and as such the term could apply to anyone working for any executive who serves that function.

In reality it is a coveted term normally only referred to in the rarefied atmosphere of Presidential politics. Even there the term is not precise. Some Body Men ( or in the case of Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin Body Women ) are “nothing more” than an individual who makes sure the candidate or President gets up on time, has their coffee the way they like it and picks out there clothes for the day.

That would not adequately describe Reggie Love’s role. While he does the mundane stuff Love plays a far more powerful role for Obama. Professional verging on personal friend with Obama clearly his boss might be a better definition. Love is certainly someone who Obama enjoys and spends plenty of time with in the confines of his private section on the big campaign plane. And every morning they work out together.

Then there is Basketball

Team Obama call it

It seems very very soon to be President-elect Obama LOVES to play Basketball. Even more he loves to play Basketball with Reggie Love. Love is generally recognized as far and away the best player on Team Obama. Over the last two years Team Obama has played here and there when schedules allowed against staffs from other campaigns or pick up games in various cities. Obama needs his Basketball as his RELEASE in the midst of the high powered, grueling demanding Campaign. But here’s ….


In a little noted answer to an interviewer’s recent question Obama when asked what is the biggest change he will make in The White House (unfortunately he will not paint it Black) ANSWER … ” I want to install a Basketball Court.”

That’s right for the first time in American history the “official” Presidential Sport will be BASKETBALL. Nixon had his bowling alley. Others their swimming pool. Some run. Others have their bicycle like the current Idiot about to vacate.

For others politics was their only Sport.

But now Basketball will reign in The White House. So here is the Point. Obama is not going to install a Basketball Court to sit there idle. Nor is he going to spend evenings playing with himself. BASKETBALL is about to become a serious tool of POWER. Basketball is going to be played at a level the NBA can only dream of.

Team Obama is going to play Congressional teams on The White House Basketball Court. They will play “friendly” games with teams of Administration insiders. There will be games against Governors and their staffs from around the country.

They may well play staffs of foreign leaders there. Likewise groups of well known athletes. The invitation to play Basketball with President Obama will become the most sought after HONOR in the nation. Forget about the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Imagine playing Basketball with the President of the United States. Guarding the President. Blocking shots by the President. FOULING the President of the United States. Most of all trying to BEAT the President and Team Obama. Or maybe not ?


Team Obama led by President Obama cannot afford to LOSE many games or that record as a LOSER on the Basketball Court will begin to effect his reputation off the Court in the DC Halls of Power, and around the nation and the world. THIS IS VERY SERIOUS BUSINESS. Which brings us to the latest Box Exclusive.

Contrary to what Reggie Love is saying about leaving at the end of the campaign and going to law school. That is a load of Presidential BS. Reggie Love will become the President’s Official Body Man but in reality far far more the STAR of Team Obama in The White House insuring Team Obama WINNING seasons the next 4 years.

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Reggie Love