BASN Classic Blackbox: Obama Is A Bears Fan

Updated: November 4, 2008


Barack Obama is

Barack Obama is a Man

who is not afraid

to take a Position

When it comes to Football anyway. And other things.

There is NO doubt Obama is rooting for the home team Sunday. Here is his quote ” The Bears are going to the Super Bowl,” he declared. ”I am happy for New Orleans. It’s a wonderful story for their city, but this fairy tale ends when they come to Chicago.”

Even more his comment shows how fast things can change. A year ago nobody would have cared who Barack Obama favored for the SuperBowl. Now his pick is making the news across America. And yes even causing controversy.

The slam is he wants to represent the entire nation as the next President but he’s attacking New Orleans. What exactly is he going to do.

NOT root for his home team.

Now that would be the mark of a weak candidate.

Which brings us to Hillary

who is also from Chicago

Don’t expect to read about Hillary Clinton picking teams in the 2 NFL Championship games Sunday. She probably doesn’t even know there are football games Sunday and if she does the last thing she would do is root for any team over any other. Just like her upcoming campaign for President she will try to “please” everyone and pray everyone in America is Stupid.

Just as she was a BIG supporter of the Iraq invasion and occupation and now trying to “modify” hr positions so that both those for and against the continuing Occupation will like her position. It won’t work Hillary.

Meanwhile back to Bears fan Barack Obama

A candidate who was ALWAYS against the invasion and occupation even back when he was a no name state senator back in Illinois. And is now more opposed than ever. That’s what we need candidates who take a stand.

Especially about Iraq and American Colonialism

as thousands of Americans die for nothing

and hundreds of billions of dollars wasted

What Obama did not do and sadly won’t about the SuperBowl is to state he favors the Bears and yes the Colts because they both have Black head coaches and NO African American head coach has ever been to the SuperBowl.

Imagine if he did …

Barack Obama would be labeled a Black extremist unqualified to be President in our White America. Rush Limbaugh and all the other Right Wing Whackos in the media and every commentator on FOX would crucify Barack Obama if he ever made the simple statement that he’d like to see Chicago and Indianapolis in the SuperBowl BECAUSE both teams have Black coaches AND never has an African American coached a team in the SuperBowl.

In any fair society …..

Senator Obama would be praised for wanting to correct a wrong the under representation of African Americans in the coaching ranks as exemplified by their total absence from the SuperBowl. Instead any such statement would lead to a FIRESTORM of criticism and he would be asked about that comment again and again and again throughout the campaign for President.

Why ……

Because being a strong supporter of African American equality in America even in Sports and especially for a Black man to say so is DANGEROUS a threat to White Supremacy as ludicrous as that is especially for wanting to see an African American head coach in the SuperBowl for the very first time.

The truth is most of America is rooting for New Orleans and New England to win Sunday and that is the DREAM SuperBowl that most of America thinks it wants. Nobody has to apologize for favoring the Patriots and the Saints …..

……… but let anyone say they favor the Bears and the Colts because they are coached by African Americans especially were someone like Barack Obama to say so all Hell would break loose all over him. He would be Demonized.

Of course there is Irony here as well

All those millions of Americans rooting for New Orleans to crush Chicago on Sunday because of what happened to the Big Easy when Katrina struck are unconcerned about the plight of the victims of Katrina unable to return to New Orleans even now and with their lives shattered splintered all over the country. And the vast majority of them African Americans.

So get this Barack Obama is criticized for rooting against the New Orleans football team accused of being insensitive even though he supports to restoration of New Orleans while almost all of those rooting for New Orleans because of the devastation of the hurricane don’t care at all about its victims.

Yes indeed Sports

always a clear window

into the human condition

and life in America