Arreola Wins Impressively Over Walker

By Tom Donelson
Updated: November 30, 2008

Gloves IOWA CITY — Chris Arreola survived early trouble to win an impressive victory over Travis Walker. Walker was a tall boxer puncher type with only one lost on his record and that lost was avenged.

Walker dominated the first round with accurate volume of punches and in the second round, he continued the assult as he stood on the brink of a big upset.

Walker came into the fight with a three wins in a row; all by knockout including over T.J. Wilson, the only man who beaten him previously. A combination sent Arreola to his knee and as Arreola took the eight count before getting back up, Walker seemed posed to finish the job.

The one thing that seperates prospects from contenders is a good chin and toughness to perserve when defeat is just one punch away. Arreola got off the canvas and not only survived the second round but he started his own counterattack as he knocked Walker down after unleashing combinations of his own to take control of the fight.

What began as a Walker easy round turned into a pitch battle with the slugger being the eventual winner. Arreola turned the fight from a boxing match to a brawl in which his power gave him the advantage.

And as the third round, Arreola turned defeat into victory as he took control for good. The power shots at the end of the second round slowed Walker down and in the third round, he no longer had the speed to keep Arreola off.

Arreola finished Walker off with a left hook. As he hit the ground, the referee waved off the count and declared the fight over.

On the same card, Paul Williams showed that he just be the best junior Middleweight with his long wingspan and developing boxing skills. A head butt in the opening round open up a cut over Williams’s eye but this was nothing more than a speed bump as he simply took the veteran Verno Phillips measure.

Williams is a young fighter just reaching his peak and learning with each fight. His first lost to Carlos Quintana proved to be a learning experience and after he avenged this lost, he moved into the junior Middleweight division and now he is searching for his second title as he won the WBO intern title.

As a welterweight, he defeated Antonio Margarito; the one fighter recognized by most as the best welterweight so no one can question his skills as a elite Welterweight and junior Middleweight.

Throughout the eight rounds the fight lasted, Williams showed that he could fight on the outside and fight on the inside as well. Phillips could not solve Williams fighting style and simply did not have the power or size to beat Williams.

For Williams, this was the first step toward winning not just the junior Middleweight but maybe move into the Middleweight division. With HBO featuring the young Williams; it would appear that they’re trying to build up yet another young American fighter.

As for Arreola, his time has yet to come but he showed in this fight that he is not far from being a true contender. He fought a tough boxer with power and prevailed. He showed championship heart and that is first step toward the championship.