African American Losers On The Day Obama Wins Big

Updated: November 3, 2008


O IF it were only that

simple or fair Obama

WINS we all win NO

there are still Black

( even more White )

LOSERS even today

That’s right on the Biggest Day in Barack Obama’s life and the day it can be argued the most Glorious EVER for African Americans collectively, down here in the Real World where the rest of us live there are individuals who are still Losing Big.

Now luckily that is not you. Only Winners read the Black Box as you already know Champ. But there are others and we are here to contrast their Fate here on Election Day with our new President-elect’s. Yes we know we are not allowed to call this election before the Polls close but we did anyway. Obama WON !!

But then there is Stephon Marbury, Isiah Thomas and Tyrone Willingham who Obama’s Victory will not keep them from their own painful Losses. Marbury abruptly being yanked from the New York Knicks active roster. Isiah after taking a drug overdose or not being rushed to the hospital. And Tyrone Willingham after getting dumped by Notre Dame has been dumped again by University of Washington this time as their head coach.

While all three are SUFFERING right now luckily each can find some solace. Most of all Marbury who Billionaire IDIOT Knicks owner Jimmy Dolan must pay Stephon Marbury $21,000,0000 NOT to play Basketball this season. Isiah Thomas can take his solace in the fact he is not DEAD from swallowing all those Sleeping Pills last week. And Tyrone Willingham in being allowed to finish out this season before leaving.

You are right Solace is not worth much except possibly for Marbury. Then again look how far Stephon has fallen in less than 3 years. Back in the summer of 2006 he was on top of the world not only with his shiny Big Bucks contract and the Top Dog on the Knicks. But there was his blossoming new shoe business that seemed like it would take on the world even Nike. And then there was all the incredible Media Attention. All the Brooklyn rags to Broadway Greatness stories in The Times and everywhere.

Back in the days when it was Barack Who ????

How about Isiah 3 years ago he literally owned Jimmy Dolan and the Knicks. Thomas was in complete control even if the Knicks remained one of the worst teams in Basketball. Isiah was PRESIDENT of the Knicks flying here, there and everywhere on Jimmy’s private jet. Living the GOOD life and buying a HUGE Mansion north of Manhattan.

As for Tyrone Willingham he may be the one true victim here. Sincere and Down to Earth in Ways Marbury and Thomas could not be if they practiced for the rest of their Lives. Willingham SCREWED by Notre Dame because of “the color of his skin” not GREEN enough for the rich White Alumni. But his redemption it seemed when he was heavily courted by the University of Washington. Poised to take the Huskies to the top and PROVE the so called Fighting Irish WRONG except Willingham’s 3+ seasons in the Pacific Northwest have been a DISASTER. Now it’s Good BYE.

The fact is neither Marbury, Thomas or Willingham seem to have much of a Future not in the short term not doing what they like best or even getting any offers. Marbury to play. Thomas to control a team. Willingham to coach Division 1. Losers on the very same day we certainly hope we can assume all three of them made it to their Voting Place to do their part to make Barack Obama the biggest WINNER in African American history.

So what is going on here Black Box

it’s the Circle of Life AFRICAN

American style with Barack

flying HIGH and with Marbury

Thomas and Willingham in

the DUMPS but here’s the

Deal come back in a few

years or sooner it may

be Obama DOWN and

one two even maybe all

THREE of the others


& away we’ll see but for now it’s


Thomas ” IT’S NOT FAIR “