Yes Indeed

Updated: October 26, 2008


So what IF this election

is over and there is NO

more Drama left or IF

Obama turns out to be

another White Politician

wearing Black Skin

this is lots of FUN

So the Black Box does NOT want to be LEFT out in the Cold while every media and their mother is officially ENDORSING Barack Obama from Black Enterprise Magazine to the Anchorage Daily News, Sarah Palin’s “home town” newspaper.

Breaking News …..


We have all been watching and listening to White BullShit Artists running for President of the United States since the day all of us were Born. None worse than the Pathetic Jerk in The White House right now. An insult to the very concept of our nation.

IT’S PAY BACK TIME if only for one glorious moment. If you look at Obama’s agenda and positions like his avid support for worthless ethanol producers wasting billions of tax dollars on them. There is NO reason to believe he will transform America. But he might in spite of himself and all the Rich Out of Touch Democratic Insiders he hangs with.

BUT WHO CARES for the next sweet week or so and especially on Election night, November 4, 2008, as John McCain who proudly proclaims himself the candidate of the rich and the privileged goes down in Flames along with the debased Republican Party that stands for nothing but Greed and Privilege.

OF COURSE THIS IS ABOUT SPORTS. Anyone who thinks Sports is separate from Real Life should go find another planet to live on. What Barack Obama will do for Sports in America is simply be the First BLACK President.

Then we can all ask again and again

in the Black Box and everywhere

How is it we can have an AFRICAN American President. But having an AFRICAN American Commissioner of Baseball. Football or Basketball is probably 100 years away. How come there are virtually no AFRICAN American owners in Sports. Nor heads of Sports media. Or leading any Sports enterprises. Or even driving any NASCAR race cars in major races. And on and on and on.

Heck it is even easier for Barack Obama to become President than it would be for him to become a member of the TV broadcast team for the World Series.

HOW COME. Because we vote for President. It is possible for an AFRICAN American to come out of nowhere and by being smarter, more determine, better than the White Boys and Girls, to overcome ALL the many obstacles to finally become PRESIDENT of the United States. But if Barack Obama had attempted to become Commissioner of Baseball, Football or Basketball he would have FAILED. If he tried to own a major Sports franchise he would have FAILED. If he tried to break through any of the many Race Ceilings in Sports Barack Obama as talented as he is would have FAILED.

Because you can’t vote AGAINST Racism in Sports. White Elites control most of the action in Sports and they don’t allow voting except among themselves. And they are NOT about to share THEIR Wealth or the Power.

So here’s the Deal rather than

get disappointed and further alienated by President Obama

when he throws billions at the

very same Powerful Losers

George Bush is and when

Barack Obama proves NOT to


leader we so desperately need

when you realize Obama is taking

even more MEGA contributions

from the Ruling Elite than McCain

and that nothing President Obama

does is going to effect your Life

in any significant way maybe

he is just lulling the Jerks and

he will SURPRISE us all but

if Obama doesn’t so what this

is still fun FINALLY having

an AFRICAN American as

President of the United States

SAVOR the moment and let’s

all say YES WE CAN if he

can so can we beat the Bastards

even do so in American Sports