Tennessee Titans 7-0 It’s The End Of Vince Young

Updated: October 28, 2008


IF Vince Young wasn’t

Depressed before he

must be now or

maybe better if

he’s lost his


His is surely the WORST story for any player this NFL season as the team he “plays” for soars to heights it has NEVER experienced before while Young appears PERMANENTLY benched. His only solace a BIG one is the $58 million dollar contract he signed with the Titans $28 million of it guaranteed no matter what.

Might as well call this

the Tragedy it is played

out on the Gridiron

How far Vince Young has fallen so quickly only very partially his fault is remarkable. Vince Young having led the University of Texas to the NCAA Championship in the 2006 Rose Bowl with a stunning performance against USC and Reggie Bush. Easily named MVP and after bring edged out by Bush for the 2005 Heisman Trophy. Young’s performance in the NCAA Championship game is called by many one of the most electrifying and dominating performances in college football history.

Then on April 29, 2006, Vince Young was the first Quarterback chosen in the NFL Draft and the 3rd player chosen, just after Mario Williams and Reggie Bush, and beating out Matt Leinart and many other highly touted Quarterbacks in that year’s NFL draft.

Only 2 drafts ago.

Then continued his storied career in his 2006 Rookie year in the NFL Vince Young led the LOWLY Titans out of the Basement and almost into the Play-offs taking Tennessee to 6 straight victories many of them come from behind stunners. His record as the Titans starter in 13 games was 8-5. It is likely if he had started the first 3 games the Titans would have made the Post-season. Even so Young was named the 2006 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and set the all time rushing record for a first year Quarterback.

That might prove the Pinnacle

of Vince Young’s meteoric

football career a continuous

success since high school

Last season was the first time in Young’s career he was not on top of the world. He had his ups and downs QBing the Titans, began the season with a brief suspension for an infraction, but worse was injured early in the season, then played intermittently, showed some flashes of his “old self” but was far more lackluster than he had ever been and had to watch back up veteran QB Kerry Collins leading the team. Even though the Titans made it to the first round of the Play-offs it was not a happy season for Young.

Unfortunately for Vince Young things

were about to get much much worse

in this his 2008 season in HELL

even as the team he “plays for”

has the BEST record in the NFL

It’s hard to argue with the Facts. Even if you can no one will care. Since Vince Young was un-ceremoniously PULLED from the first game this season replaced by Kerry Collins the Titans have come on Strong. With Monday night’s victory over Indianapolis, Tennessee has done something the SuperBowl Champion New Jersey Giants and all the other supposedly best teams in the NFL have not remained UNDEFEATED.

Yes there is this season. SCREAM. After Young “apparently” injured his knee during the first game of the season against Jacksonville the Titans replaced him in a flash with Kerry Collins. The buzz had been if ever so quiet that Tennessee began to become disillusioned with Vince last season and saw in Collins a better “fit” for the team.

It only got WORSE for Young when the Titans spread the word they were “concerned” Vince Young might be contemplating suicide. Without any reason to believe so. But it sure made NEWS further undermining Young’s status with the team. BUT THE WORST WAS YET TO COME. After coming in and rescuing the first game of the season Kerry Collins has followed with 6 more consecutive victories. The Titans now 7-0.

Tennessee is now HIGH atop the AFC South. In second place if you want to call it that are Indianapolis and Jacksonville and Houston all at 3-4. In effect they are all in LAST place in this 4 team division. It is almost if not quite absolutely certain the Titans will win their Division with Collins at Quarterback and Young on the Bench.

And the fans could not be happier. The last thing they want to see is Young back at QB. And they have nothing to worry about unless Kerry Collins suffers a catastrophic injury or Tennessee gets so far ahead in games they don’t want to take that chance. What is really on coach Jeff Fisher and the Titans mind is can Collins take them to 16-0 ??

As for Vince Young who

only a year ago seemed

to be the Great Black

Hope at Quarterback

now at only 25 seems

WASHED up his best

hope to be released by

Tennessee and find a

new home next season

with some DESPERATE

NFL team that wants

to take a Chance

we’ll see if so

good luck