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Updated: October 22, 2008


FINALLY it’s here

WORLD Series

remember ALL

the way back to

those SLEEPY

spring training

games long ago

SAVOR every moment. The right teams are playing even if we have to endure Tampa Bay playing in an “auditorium” rather than a REAL baseball stadium. Bring on those WINTRY games coming up in Philadelphia. REAL Baseball football style !

Most of all the Box has

great ADVICE for you

Turn on your TV turn OFF the sound and LISTEN to Joe Morgan call the Word Series on ESPN Radio. The only Black guy in the Booth. And the very best of the Lot. It’s a shame Joe is relegated to radio except we’ve fixed the problem for you.

Since Joe is on ESPN they have

a timely interview with Joe

we’ll provide excerpts

Matt (Pittsburgh): “Joe, who do you predict will win the World Series? The Rays have played consistently well and seem poised to be a great team over the next few years.”

Joe Morgan: I think the Rays have the ability and home field advantage, so they have to retain a slight edge. The Phillies this year have performed well in big-game situations. They seem to get the big hits whenever they have needed them. I think it’s a tossup, but I’ll give the edge to the Rays because of their home field advantage. And remember, the World Series is a situation where one player on either team who is really hot can make the difference.”

Mac (Youngstown): “Joe, what did you think of Terry Francona’s managing in Game 7? Specifically, I thought he should have pinch-hit for Varitek at some point. Tek hit that key homerun, but otherwise looked like he couldn’t hit at all (he’s already older than Johnny Bench was when he retired, and Bench was ten times the hitter Tek ever was). ” Joe Morgan: ” He had been pinch-hitting for him earlier in the series, but after that game-winning home run, I guess he figured he might have one more good swing. But I don’t think Francona did anything wrong managing that seventh game.”

Dan (Detroit): ” What do you make of the young Rays team? Are they playing above their heads or are they really this good? ” Joe Morgan: ” I don’t see how you can say that anyone plays above their heads when they have the best record in the league over a 162-game season, and then end up beating the former world champs in the playoffs. They have a lot of young talent, and they are stepping to the forefront. I expect them to be a very good team for a long period of time.”

Aaron (Florida): ” Do you think this Rays team is the best story we’ve seen in MLB in some time? ” Joe Morgan: ” Stories are what we make of them. Everyone was talking about how big of a story Josh Hamilton was, for instance, but I think Jon Lester was a bigger one–his cancer was not self-inflicted, while Hamilton’s problems were. It’s a matter of perception and how you feel about each story. They obviously are a big story.”

Paul (Pittsburgh): ” Do you think the Yankees will be back next season? How tough would the East be then with the Sox, Yanks and Rays? ” Joe Morgan: ” That’s one thing I mentioned on radio yesterday–the Rays have to take advantage of this opportunity, because next year there is no guarantee, even with their good young players, that they would make the playoffs. The Yankees will retool, Boston will be better, and don’t forget about Toronto. They have the best starting pitching in the league. There is no guarantee that the Rays would get back there.”

Dan (Tampa): ” Joe, do you think this Rays team will stay together for years? Or do you think free agency will tear it apart? ” Joe Morgan: ” There’s always a chance that free agency will force them to make choices on who they keep and let go. That’s always a possibility. But most of them have a few more years before free agency, and they have signed Longoria to a long contract. They should be OK with the nucleus of their team for a while.”

Final comment from Joe …

Joe Morgan: ” I’m looking forward to a great and fun World Series. Obviously it will be different without the Yankees, Boston, and other big name teams, but it will be very interesting–these are two fun and enjoyable teams.”

Now you know everything

you need to know from the BEST

Broadcaster in Baseball so go get

ready for tonight’s Game #2 and

don’t forget your RADIO if you

really want to hear the Game

called as only Joe Morgan can