Fourteen Percent African American Players in Series

Updated: October 23, 2008


Thank God and Baseball

for SMALL favors of

50 roster players in

2008’s World Series

SEVEN of them are

AFRICAN American

It is PARTY Time !! Double the 7% of MLB players on all the rosters combined on the 30 MLB clubs. Is this a Trend or what. Thank God a second time it is NOT Boston’s Red Sox and Los Angeles’ Dodgers playing then the count would have been 1 Matt Kemp, Dodgers Outfielder, or 2 if you count Boston’s CoCo Crisp ?

So who are these African American

World Series Champions

whether they win or lose

Ryan Howard Philadelphia

Jimmy Rollins Philadelphia

BJ Upton Tampa Bay

Carl Crawford Tampa Bay

Cliff Floyd Tampa Bay

Edwin Jackson Tampa Bay

David Price Tampa Bay

Of course the advantage goes to Tampa Bay 5-2. Indeed even though there were 8 African Americans in the Word Series 11 years ago in 1997, that was made up of 4 Florida Marlins and 4 Cleveland Indians. To find FIVE African Americans on ONE World Series team you have to go much further back than 1997.

So even though Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins are among Baseball’s elite both MVP winners in recent years, and despite all the Strikeouts, Ryan Howard arguably the best Offensive Player in Baseball during the regular season if not the Post Season ….

The Tampa Bay Rays are the REAL story here for African Americans. Tampa built its Championship team finding and signing young, unknown, dirt cheap talent where ever they could find it and in doing so signed FIVE African Americans.

I’t’s the Tampa Bay MODEL as modest as it is in reality since 20 of their 25 players are NOT African American, still here in the REAL World if all of the 30 MLB teams had an average of FIVE African Americans 20% of Major Leaguers would be Black Americans and that would approach the historic high reached in the late 1970s.

Again here in the REAL World if we ever again reached a point where consistently season after season 20% of MLB players were African American it would be enough to say African Americans are once again an integral part of Baseball.

And guess what …

It’s not a far fetched dream. If more young talented African American boys with some good advice from their parents and advisors started realizing again that a Baseball career is far better than getting knocked around game after game in the NFL playing football, and even in many ways better than playing basketball in the NBA.

What unfortunately remains

an unreachable dream in

Baseball is 20% of MLB

Umpires being African

American you are never

going to see 14 of 69

MLB Umpires Black

for NO good reason

other than Racism

good reason for

some of course