BASN Classic Blackbox: Why

Updated: October 25, 2008

A BASN Classic BlackBox Originally Published: March 19, 2008 Why Ereck Pretcher THE LATE ERECK PLANCHER

WHY is the ultimate

CRY of the human race

For all the senseless things that happen to ourselves and others. That happen to individuals and groups of people. Ereck Plancher is one more WHY you never would have ever probably heard of if not for his untimely death this week. On a Football Field. A talented Freshman at the University of Central Florida simply going through some Spring drills nothing violent at all DREAMING of the Fall to come and the GLORY he could at least dream might be his even at a less heralded college like Central Florida.

To be honest and we

try to be all the Time

We might quote Shakespeare in Macbeth learning of the death of one of the characters we hear the words ” nothing became his life as his leaving it.” Clearly out of its context here. But in a perverse way just as applicable to the death of Ereck Plancher. His Death “merited” 259 reference points in Google News. Anyone doing anything gaining that much notoriety is less than common even more at the University of Central Florida.

But now Ereck Plancher has done so for reasons he will never be able to appreciate.

Red Shirt Freshman Wide Receiver Ereck Plancher will NEVER make a catch for UCF. He will NEVER score a Touchdown. He will NEVER make a game winning play. Ereck Plancher will NEVER appear in the football records of UCF.

Because of Fate

It could have been anyone of the thousands of young athletes in Division I, II and III going through Spring training drills already thinking past the spring and summer to the Fall. But it was none of them who died this week on the football field.

It was Ereck Plancher

In fact Ereck did merit a brief mention in the Orlando Sentinel back on February 21. 2008, titled ” Prep Players Jump At Early Enrollment.” To quote ….

” They aren’t among the young college standouts who left college early and are participating in this week’s NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. They are taking the early trend a step further, graduating from high school a semester early to enroll in college and participate in spring football workouts before their true freshman year even begins.”

Then ……

” At UCF, Jake Goray and Ereck Plancher are happy with their decisions ….. Said Plancher: “My goal was to try to get a 4.0 [GPA] in the spring so I could get off to a good start in college. I wasn’t worried about playing time. I just wanted a chance to find my way around.”

Later in the article this prophetic remark ….

” It’s just my personal opinion, but I think kids who leave early miss out on the best part of their senior year and don’t get to enjoy a wonderful part of growing up,” college coach Phil Ziglar said. “Sometimes I wonder if it’s about education or about football. I think most men are pretty young their senior year of high school to be participating in spring football. I know it’s great for the universities to see what kind of talent they’ve got, but how much does it really help the athlete? ”

Then UCF coach George O’Leary …

” My experience is, you have to sit down a couple of them and really baby-sit them, because they’re not ready from a mental standpoint to handle some of the situations that come up from a time management standpoint or those things,” O’Leary said.

“I always tell the kids to enjoy their senior year. It only happens once.”

Well guess what had Ereck Plancher taken Boone College Coach Ziglar and UCF Coach O’Leary’s advice seems like he would be alive today. Or would he ? No cause of death yet. But of course Ziglar and O’Leary get to have it both ways.

Bemoaning early college admissions that rob High Schoolers of their last semester while actively recruiting them for their college football teams. Seems like if UCF refused to accept Red Shirt Freshmen who finish high school early one thing is for sure Ereck Plancher would at least not have dropped dead on their practice field this week.

Is there some moral message here

some sermon about right and wrong

to be preached and to learn from

not really all we really have is the

death of young Ereck Plancher

nothing more nothing less

Rest in Peace Ereck