BASN Classic Blackbox: Civil Rights Nonsense

Updated: October 30, 2008


Is this some kind of Inside Baseball

JOKE or what MLB is selling it’s

NEW line of Mr. Potato Head 30 team

figures and they are all BLACK

say What !! that’s right

they’re all BLACK

How about calling it a SICK Joke ! Anyway be that as it may it segues very nicely as an introduction to today’s Box. Saturday’s BALLYHOOED so called annual MLB Civil Rights Game.

WHOOPEEE. Call it son of MLB’s annual Jackie Robinson Day if you like.

the “illegitimate” son of MLB’s

Jackie Robinson Day another

complete MLB FRAUD

For now we are basking in the BULLSHIT of the second annual MLB Civil Rights Game which features – what a ridiculous word to use here – the exhibition game that took place late Saturday afternoon in Memphis and the broadcast Civil Rights Panel Discussion on Friday afternoon which was made up of a number of Black Big Wigs some involved in Baseball others who did not have a Clue.

Malcolm X daughter ??

At least if you watched the game you got nine solid innings of professional baseball maybe even an African American player or two on the Field. There was NO inherent benefit in watching or listening to the Panel Discussion as the Box did.

It was an hour filled with AFRICAN American HOT air with only two or three notable comments even worth mentioning and only one praiseworthy. To his credit Hank Aaron was the ONLY member of the panel to actually address the issue of Baseball and African Americans and the fact MLB is doing virtually nothing to address the issue.

Hands down the Idiot Award goes to Mets GM Omar Minaya who is identified as Latino but did note his mother is African American. Anyway that won’t save him from the Idiot Award here. Minaya who is the second most important decision maker at the New York Mets after owner Doubleday and is General Manager of a team that will open a One Billion Dollar Pleasure Palace next season ……

……… had the audacity to ask quizzically ” baseball has to find some way to make Baseball more attractive to Black kids.” Said in a manner as though this is an impossible task that there is just no way anyone on Earth has yet found of to address the problem but maybe Baseball can search and search and finally find one.

Hey Omar no such problem for Latino players

Baseball has a PERFECT formula for

creating Latino MLB players

This is the same Omar Minaya that has done NOTHING to address the issue. This is the same Omar Minaya building lots of Mets Baseball Academies in the Dominican Republic and elsewhere in Latin America, and schooling and paying young Latinos but that has absolutely no comparable program for AFRICAN American kids.

This is the same Omar Minaya who is building this ultra expensive new stadium in Queens, New York, and with plenty of money from New York City for “infrastructure” improvements that is NOT spending a penny to build at the new complex or even far away from it for that matter anywhere a New York City Sports Academy for Inner City kids.

Back to the Main Event ….

MLB Commissioner Bud Selig was no where to be found. It was reported he was too busy to be in Memphis for the Civil Rights Panel Discussion. Other than his absence and Hank Aaron‘s one lonely comment you would come away from the Panel Discussion thinking the African American situation in Baseball is healthy indeed.

Sorry let us present a second Idiot Award

to Chicago White Sox African American

General Manger Ken Williams

only the 3rd in MLB history

After Hank Aaron tried to raise a spark of interest in MLB’s dismal record currently with African Americans along comes Ken Williams to say to paraphrase him ‘ the real problem is not with baseball the more important problem are the school drop out problem among Black kids and the amount of young Black men in prison.” WELL WHAT EXACTLY IS BASEBALL GOING TO DO TO ADDRESS THOSE PROBLEMS. Mr. Ken Williams when it can’t even treat African Americans well in its own business of Baseball.

forget the African American Air Bags

on this Panel all but Hank Aaron

bending OVER for Major League Baseball

forget the MEANINGLESS Civil Rights

game between the Mets and White Sox

The REAL issue here is the absolute AUDACITY of Bud Selig and the 30 White Major League team owners to STAGE this Civil Rights NONSENSE for the second year in a row and apparently every year from now on WITHOUT using this “event” to announce any new initiative NONE at all that MLB will take for the new year to better attract the AFRICAN American community both as players and as fans.

How can anyone in the AFRICAN American community participate in this SHAM event either on or off the Field that ONLY serves to provide Major League Baseball the fraudulent image they are doing anything address the problem.

Closing Argument

Three year ago THREE years ago MLB finally established ONE Baseball Academy in Compton, California for Inner City kids after having established dozens of far better and more elaborate Baseball Academies all over Latin America and dozens more since.

If nothing else you might think

that if you take MLB seriously

at each year’s Civil Rights Game

MLB would announce another

Inner City Baseball Academy

that will soon be built and

that MLB would demand

each team building a new

Billion Dollar Pleasure Palace

Nationals, Mets, Yankees

most recently underway

be required to include with it

on site or elsewhere in the city

their own Inner City Academy

instead MLB does NOTHING

and prominent AFRICAN

Americans stand and


THANK them for

Civil Rights Game

another MLB Scam

stinking up the Joint