African American Behind The Plate Kerwin Danley Master At Work

Updated: October 24, 2008


It’s been an 11 year journey

since becoming an MLB Umpire

for Kerwin Danley but on

Thursday night he reached

the PINNACLE calling

Balls and Strikes at the

2008 World Series

And what a job Danley did behind the Plate. Maybe the first time in BaseBall history – since no one keeps such records – that an Umpire became a joy to watch during the game. Danley’s theatrical style of Umpiring behind the Plate added an element of enjoyment to watching the game on TV that may have escaped the less intellectual.

This is only the third time in 100+ years of MLB history that an African American Umpire has been chosen for the World Series. Of course NOT surprising since only 7 African Americans have ever Umpired in Major League Baseball.

Of course Danley was criticized by some for his performance Thursday night by PHILADELPHIA fans because of two very correct calls that the Philly Fanatics desperately want to believe in some far away Fantasy World cost them the game. What cost them the game is the Tampa Bay Rays played better.

The two calls we should probably not even dignify occurred in the Second Inning when with a full count to Tampa Bay’s Rocco Baldelli he then checked his swing for a called Ball Four by Danley which the Phillies chose to call a Strike because Danley raised his hand signaling Baldelli to take First Base. Unfamiliar with Danley’s creative style they chose to believe he must have signaled Strike. Get real. The replay clearly showed Baldelli successfully checked his swing and deserved First Base.

Then in the bottom of the 9th the Phillies struggling to come back a pitch to Jimmy Rollins may have glazed Rollins uniform but did NOT hit Rollins. The Phillies fans the Jock Boys who ought to come out of the Closet ( it’s the 21st century ) and admit their REAL interest in the Ball Players they fawn over – they were in a lather because Kerwin Danley called the pitch a Ball instead of “awarding” Rollins First Base because the pitch might have touched his uniform. How terrible ! Turns out fellow African American Jimmy Rollins had NO problem with Danley’s call. He didn’t want a “phony” base.

So that’s the Slam on Danley

from the White Boys who can’t

deal with a BLACK Umpire

in “their” World Series


Watching a rare Series occurrence indeed. In the 8th and 9th innings in Tampa Bay Thursday night. African American Kerwin Danley BEHIND the Plate as AFRICAN American pitcher David Price pitched to African Americans Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins. IF only there could have been an African American catching David Price’s masterful pitches. But yes that is going “too far.” An African American catcher ??

So SAVOR the memory of

African American Umpire

Kerwin Danley BEHIND

the Plate on Thursday night

it won’t happen again even

IF the Series goes 7 games

who knows WHEN it may

ever happen again too bad for MLB BaseBall but

“good” for Racism