ABA Re-Designs League’s Website

By ABA Media Relations
Updated: October 12, 2008

ABA ATLANTA — The American Basketball Association (ABA) has introduced its new re-designed website at www.abalive.com.

According to ABA President Quentin Townsend, “We are very proud of the work done by Infinity Pro Sports in re-designing our website.”

“It contains many new features and will be much more interactive for our fans. Of particular note, the standings and stats for the upcoming season have been integrated into the website so that fans will be able to follow their favorite teams and players quickly and easily.”

“I do want to emphasize,” added Townsend, “that the new website is a work in progress and that we are making changes, updates and improvements virtually everyday.”

“But we wanted to get it going now so that everything would be in place when the season begins in early December. We would appreciate hearing comments and suggestions from fans.”

NOTE: For more information, visit www.abalive.com.