Straight No Chaser: Hanging O.J.

By Desi Cortez
Updated: September 5, 2008

DENVER — Boys, get a rope….

What we got here, in Sin-City is a good ol’ fashion neck stretching. The good ol’ boy lynch mob has, at last, caught up to O.J. They got Vick, they’re still hot on the hills of Bonds. But today, they’ve got the Juice.

Miami’s got the oranges, but Vegas has the Juice…..Vengeance will be theirs. O.J. is the litmus test for America, and White Americans, from small “a” aristocrats to the rank and file Red-necks wanted O.J….dead or alive.

Granted, in the long run, the Juice shot himself in the ass, made it easy to string him up. Nonetheless, they gonna’ give this boy what he’s got coming to him. The justice set -aside for a Black man who does not know his place, did not drift into obscurity, was not contrite, not remorseful.

But after all – he maintained his innocence, and was found not guilty by a jury of his peers in the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman….but White America does not honor that decision.

The justice historically set aside for….just-us.

This modern day gladiator tragedy — to be blunt — is but the story of a Mandingo warrior who decapitates his Nordic Princess. The case, the trail, this nation’s reaction — serves as one of the best examples of white folk’s worst traits — their arrogance, coupled with the ability to minimize race, if not completely dismiss it, while falsely accusing Blacks of maximizing race. O.J. continues to provide this divided nation with an opportunity to examine how we really feel about each other.

Despite O.J. being found not guilty, in a criminal court – where one can be sentenced to life behind bars or even death, that particular rendering of justice, by a jury of O.J.’s peers — it’s weight and relevance — is intentionally overlooked.

Yet, not surprisingly, the Semi Valley civil trail verdict, the one where Mr. Simpson was tried not by his peers, but by a collection of individuals, who represent, in all reality…..the opposition. That verdict, from a lesser court, is deemed the real burning bush truth in the eye’s of White America.

It burns my ass how somehow, the very folks whose parents and grandparents most likely either condoned overt racism, participated in its application or sat quietly by….and did little, if nothing…. are the only group in this country who can rationally discuss race… The only ones qualified to determine if racial biases, prejudices and discrimination is apart of the everyday equation in America.

That’s the slap in the face. This “we all know the real truth” elitism White America harbors.

Let not pull any punches – had this killing occurred 50 years ago, and it could not have for interracial marriage was forbidden, and, O.J. couldn’t have even played for USC or in the NFL, but regardless of the brutal truth — O.J. would’ve been lynched a half-century ago. Castrated on the scene.

Blood hounds would have been chasing the white Ford Bronco down the LA Hi-Ways…

O.J. is guilty of the gravest crime a Black man can commit in America — killing a White woman. This nation – which has a well documented legacy of mob-justice when it comes to events like this one.

Adding insult to injury, O.J. killed a white women…. who he had been raping, with her consent, for years, only because misguided liberal laws embolden him. Back in those good ol’ days Conservatives long for, O.J. would’ve been found with his testicles stuffed down his slit throat.

Fortunately for most, unfortunately for few, this type of justice is no longer sanctioned by law. But since government can’t legislate morality, this type of human devaluation and hatred of black folks….is alive and well in White America.

O.J. simply brings it out. A rich Black dude using a judicial system reserved for wealthy White dudes, to beat those dudes. O.J.’s playing a dude who’s playing a dude….who was a dude

A hundred years from now, historians will describe OJ Simpson as the most racially polarizing individual during this turn-of-the-century era. Not Rodney King nor Imus, or Barry Bonds, Jesse Jackson, or Mike Vick, Barack Obama….. but Orenthal James Simpson

Without debate, people will want to know what crimes against humankind he’d committed to illicit such wide-spread WASP anger and rage? Because, after all, in most suburban and rural homes, the alleged victim was, in all honesty regarded as a …. “a nigger Lover” who’d wasted herself on Black men.

The other victim, Mr. Goldman – a Jewish dude, in the wrong-ass place, at the wrong-ass time. Let’s not forget, we’ve got former President Tricky Dick Nixon and Billy Graham, both Icons of the conservative (angry White male) movement in the USA , belittling and demeaning Jews on tape. It’s documented.

So we can rest assured the hate O.J. generates is not based on who he killed.

No, Simpson is despised because he betrayed White America’s trust, made their judgement and anointment of Simpson ….wrong. And, because the South-Central LA jury flipped a defiant middle-finger at the establishment. They weren’t about to give the LAPD the benefit of the doubt.

Not about to assume Officer Furman and his co-horts were above planting evidence. Not about to help kill a Black man by aiding a diabolical law machine in chewing up another one. And most significant, not make happy, please and appease White America, be good little negroes and not disappoint white folks.

One got away…..

O.J. convinced White folks, going back to his USC days, that he was one of the “good Negroes.” He wasn’t angry like Jim Brown or Dwayne Thomas. No, instead he was more akin to Joe Louis, Floyd Patterson or Smokin Joe Frazier – he was deemed by many, both Black and White, as the white man’s nigger.

O.J. obliged, and reaped all the societal and economical benefits of his abilities to assimilate and accommodate the taste and tolerance of mainstream America .

O.J. had so gained the acceptance of mainstream America , he was permitted to date white women, but alas…he killed one. White folks were insulted by this type of betrayal; they believed themselves victims of a con-job.

Society had bestowed upon O.J. honorary “white guy” status, admittance to the country club, but alas…… the Nigger went mad….. Stabbed them in the back, by …beheading a white woman.

He was then pardoned by his rediscovered peers, a jury comprised of urban Black folk. Oh, the irony in it; the Juice had not a coming to Jesus moment, but a coming to his momma moment.

He was a Black man – caught up in the American legal system, where public opinion was wearing the robe, a white hooded robe. Public opinion had already lynched OJ.

That very same public opinion turned hostile and flexed its muscles – by hanging Simpson in Simi Valley , where as I stated earlier -a lesser court, a jury – comprised not of his peers, but of his foes, found him guilty of the crime of double murder. But they couldn’t drag him out in the open courtyard, ring the town bell, gather all the good folk, have a picnic, and watch the darkie dangle .

Now, because of the Juice’s belief/contention, he’s been wrongly convicted, his desire to clear his name, and get back his personal property….. He’s giving these bastards yet another chance to carry out an American tradition – hang a black man, or at least lock him up till he rots’, die, humiliated, broken behind bars, a message to all….stay away from our women folk.

I’d like to know how the state of Nevada is going to 1. Convene a jury of OJ’s peers, and 2. How are they going to find folks to sit on that jury who have not heard of OJ, not heard of the 1995 murder trail, and be fair and non-bias?

The Cherry Tree young George Washington cut down …well, it grew back, and it continues to this day, to bare strange fruit.

Anyone got a Billie Holiday album….