Straight No Chaser: Dante’s Inferno

By Desi Cortez
Updated: September 10, 2008

DENVER — America has a deep-seeded fear of the Black Alpha-Male and they don’t have the guts to admit it. I contend, this fear is vividly evident when you look at two different arenas of competition — sports and politics.

A whole slice of America is not going to dig this, but I’m far beyond caring about the whims of people who have an unfounded, baseless, dislike of a whole race of people.

Former Republican House majority leader Dick Armey recently told USA Today, while in St. Paul at the Republican National Convention. Armey enlightened us all with this gem: “There’s an awful lot of people in America, bless their heart, who simply are not emotionally prepared to vote for a black man.”

What-the-hell does emotionally prepared translate into?

They’re incapable of putting their hooded robes away?. They’re really not ok with using the same restrooms or water fountains colored folks do?. God forbid, deep down inside…they’re uncomfortable with Black folks living on their neighborhood block?

Of course the congressman was talking about Senator Barack Obama, his historical quest for the Oval Office. And who exactly in this land of freedom, liberty and equality…. just could not bring themselves to vote for a Black man for President?

Regardless of the man/s education, experience or resume they just can’t back him ?

Armey refers to them as the Bubba factor, producing the “Bubba vote”, which is shorthand in politics for white, working-class voters who often live in rural areas and apparently don’t like, trust nor have faith in Black people.

In sharper and blunter terms — racist SOB’s.

The Bubba vote lives. It’s very, very real, and it is everywhere. Armey goes on to elaborate: “The Bubba factor, it’s deplorable, but it is real.”

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s name on the GOP ticket should not produce much of an anti-woman vote, Armey also said. “We’re very far down that path. We’re not as far down the racial equality path.”

Now, let’s walk across the street with this one. Is it preposterous to believe, the individuals who make-up the Bubba factor also are fans of the NFL? I say no.

In a nutshell — in a fools head — Bubba’s got issues with the Black athlete because Bubba has issues with Black people. Their biases and prejudices don’t stop when the games over, they take those attitudes home, to their kids, and they share it at work and the gym, and the golf course.

Go take a gander at the message boards at or concerning the Culpepper saga. The racist insults posted, by the hundreds are off the charts. Listen to sports talk-radio or ask a White guy man-enough to tell you how he really feels…. ?

This same Ol’ Dixie mentality can be found anytime a story, positive or negative, concerning a Black athlete, but specifically the Black QB, is in the headlines. From Vick, to Leftwitch, to Young or Russell.

Their intelligence and integrity is endlessly under assault, just as Obama’s is, or Harold Ford, the former Black congressman from Tennessee, or any Black man who is both an officer and a gentlemen is constantly and consistently under attack from angry, anti-Black America.

Based on how slow racial progress has come to the U.S., it was hard enough, quite a feat for today’s Bubba dads to merely tolerate Black players an quarter-of-an-century ago, especially with the fire and flare the Black Spartan brought to the field-of-competition.

Nonetheless, the sons of those blatantly bias bastards are chips off the ol’ burning cross. Let’s take this another couple of steps, to its logical conclusion: Is it far-fetched to believe there are players, coaches, administrators – in various team positions, and of course, team owners – who also fit the bill for Bubba?

And, might it be hard to believe Bubbas can be found working for major sports broadcasting operations? Of course the answer is yes. Just as there are Bubbas who’re also teachers, doctors, police, scientist, accountants, lawyers, sales people — you name it.

One can’t help but wonder what obstacles and barriers they construct because they hate Blacks. Maybe I?m crazy, but I believe Culpepper is being shunned, bared, banned, and here, in the long run…screwed by this living and breathing Bubba factor.

This anti-Black attitude is rampant across the U.S., and I must conclude it plays a noteworthy role with Culpepper not being able to find a team which would give him a legitimate shot as a starting QB in the NFL.

As if the back-up guys in New Orleans or Seattle are “as good” as the Central Florida State product. I can’t help but believe the racist perceptions and attitudes of yesteryear are still present.

You know, you remember; Blacks first couldn’t play the game of football, then, we could only play certain positions, positions which supposedly required little but the athletic talent to run fast and jump high.

By the 1970’s the NFL, the bastion of rednecks and crackers that it was, had to reluctantly confess – Black men were capable of playing Safety, the QB on defense, or call defensive formations as Willie Lanier did with the Chiefs.

Later, they had to concede we could also anchor the O-line, play center, the thinking-man slot down in the trenches, and today White guys are halfhearted admitting we can be Field Generals – head coaches…

But, getting these rednecks to admit that today, the golden boy is the young Black man — it’s like pulling teeth out of a Tennessee Valley hillbilly.

This orchestrated stranglehold is the last stake to Alpha-Male label the white man has in the game of football, of any real sport. It’s painfully obvious their historical domination was fake and their current presence is somewhat artificial.

Mr. Culpepper was under the impression his All- Pro seasons carried weight, his 89.9 QB rating added value to him as a player — silly fool. He thought his years in the league branded him a seasoned veteran, not merely branded him.

He thought the last two campaigns he spent with the fin-less Dolphins and the rudderless Raiders would not serve as all-telling examples of his abilities. Dante was all-so wrong.

Culpepper, for whatever the reasons, held fast to the notion he’d be judged by his deeds, by the content of his capabilities. He had no idea he would be judged by the color of his skin

A skin tone which indicates to the Bubba’s across this sports nation — he’s dumb, not too bright, unable to decipher defenses, manage the clock nor lead men. All the typical charges leveled by this envious band of haters.

I don’t have to go too far to make this point, only to Philly. The Bubba factor is present, even in the city of Brotherly love. Aint that a bitch?.

McNabb has been treated like a red-haired step-child by the gridiron groupies in the Keystone State, despite All-Pro numbers and playoff appearances.

And, when McNabb said: “Black quarterbacks take a lot of criticism. It ain’t easy for black quarterbacks in the NFL.”, Bubba’s all across America went ballistic.

Overnight, and across the country McNabb went from a good guy, making as many commercials as O.J. was in his hey day to an ungrateful, racist uppity you-know-what who’s now guilty of playing the race card.

At least according to the Bubbas across the nation. He was accused of making excuses, hiding behind race. As if race is not a factor in the minds of White people.

Any and all Black QB’s have to confront this issue on a continual basis throughout their careers. Be it Warren Moon, Steve McNair, Quincy Carter, Charlie Batch, Doug Williams, Randall Cunningham, or Marlin Brisco. all on the receiving end of harsh damnation – which, in most folks estimation, is far beyond what the White QB has to endure.

Let me straighten this out.

Weighing and measuring the track record of the NFL, this sports nation and the nation itself, who can deny the hostile feelings, based in part upon race, and the culture.

The lifestyle and way-of-life associated with Black Americans is simply not just present in the NFL, or for that matter throughout the game of football at all tiers; college, high school and little league It’s a part of the game.

Within the game of football, at all levels, but acutely at the pro level, there is a affirmative action program, meant to pacify and placate White dudes. Let Blacks play, but just dumb down the standards, retard the evolution of the position just to let White guys participate in a game they really can’t at so many other positions, principally at the ball handling positions.

We’ve got a special position for you and only you can play. It requires the rare combination of intelligence, athletic ability, leadership, character and guts and in fine print, it says only White guys need apply, as if, only white men fit the description.

With one Sunday down, and Tom Brady down, a cat named Cassell, who hasn’t started a game since he was in High School, who sat behind Leinhart and Carson at USC, is stepping in to toss TD’s to Moss?

I would think the cheating-ass Butcher-of-Boston would flip open a phone and call Culpepper. He and Moss have had success before because of their familiarity with each other. ?

But at this point, they’re not, and I attribute it to the Bubba factor. The Titans could use him, Tampa could also, not to mention KC.

Culpepper complicated matters because he was intellectually curious enough to believe he was intellectually competent enough to manage his own career. By representing himself , it labeled him an “uppity boy” who did not know his place.

Management didn’t like it and fans rolled their eyes when they heard he was going to control his own roll. Culpepper’s plight is a smaller example of a bigger problem in America.

The White population has a problem with Black people. There’s just no other way to say it. At best Black people are tolerated, I can’t say that enough. But there’s a gigantic difference between being tolerated and respected, tolerated and liked, and tolerated and wanted.

Now sure, we can say the nation has moved beyond it’s past, but not much seems to support that argument. Honestly, between the aftermath of Katrina, when flood victims became looters and the daily incidents of police brutality which show up in the news.

Now witnessing what Obama went thru at the hands of our friends, liberal White chicks (i.e., Hillary’s foot soldiers) who did everything but call the Senator “boy.” t o what we see now with McCain and Palin, who clearly can’t even hold Obama’s jock strap.

Yet mainstream White America has elevated their sorry lackluster run for the Whitehouse to the level of Obama’s eloquent march to the mountain top. How can the rank and file Rightys be supporting these two pretenders?

Because they hate what Obama symbolizes; the highly educated Afro-American who truly does embody the greatness of Black men. He can give a great speech, sink a three-footer from the deep corner, as he walks into the gym, dance romantically with his beautiful and brilliant women at his side, while tucking his little girls into bed.

The rare combination of both speed and power. Franco Harris in a suit.

This is the insecure paranoid white guys deepest darkest nightmare, have no doubt about it. He is so sure the people in his life will pick a dude like Obama, instead of a dude like George W.

So afraid that if you allow Black guys to shine, to excel, there will be hardly a place for little Billy to be on top and out in front. So afraid that there son’s will want to grow up to be like Vince Young, so afraid their daughters will want to marry the star quarterbacks.

The golden boy who is bronze.