Seeking A Fair And Equal Ending

By Mike Florio
Updated: September 2, 2008

National Football Players AssociationNEW YORK — As the early jockeying begins for the position previously held by the late Gene Upshaw and all the riches and fame and power that the job entails, there already are indications that some of the expected candidates are hoping to steer the process in their favor.

We’ve heard talk that, for example, one of the presumptive candidates is attempting to finagle a search firm that would be likely to end its search with him.

But if there is a search firm, the goal should be not to identify one candidate, but to narrow the field of possibilities from hundreds to dozens, and then to let the NFLPA’s Executive Committee and (more importantly) its members to decide who the leader will be.

Needless to say, it won’t be an easy process. It shouldn’t be easy, and it shouldn’t be rushed. Too much is at stake. That’s why we suggested that the NFL and the union should agree to push back all CBA deadlines by a year, in order to give the NFLPA plenty of time to pick its next leader.

And to pick it not the corporate way, but the right way — with candidates encouraged to apply and the players empowered to pick the person they truly want, not the person that a small group of folks who think they know better tell the players they should want.