BASN Classic Blackbox: Fielder’s Choice

Updated: September 29, 2008

A BASN Classic BlackBox Originally Published: March 4, 2008 FIELDER’S CHOICE NO NOT REALLY

Prince Fielder


First here is the Good News harking back to the Days when Baseball was Good to African Americans The 2008 Milwaukee Brewers will have in their Starting Lineup FOUR African Americans among their 8 Starters ( minus the batting and rotating pitchers ). Who was the last Major League team to have FOUR African Americans on a regular basis in their Starting Line-ups. YOU TELL US Dear readers. We don’t have the time to dig that deep.

But if you know let us know and we will tell everyone in the Box and give you ALL the Credit !

Back to these 2008 Brewers who are one very good reason to subscribe to MLB TV this season and where you will be able to watch SIX ( not 8 as we reported ) games simultaneously on your computer screen excepting local games of course.

The Fabulous Four are ….

Center Fielder Mike Cameron Third Baseman Bill Hall Second Baseman Richie Weeks and the Star of Today’s Box First Baseman Prince Fielder IMAGINE if the Brewers had an African American Shortstop. WOW an entire Black Infield. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME THAT HAPPENED IF EVER. Readers here is another opportunity to get yourself a very rare and precious mention in the Black Box and go on to Fame & Fortune as guests of the Black Box. Indeed another question are there any African Americans who are playing ShortStop in the Majors today. We think not ?

now FINALLY Prince Fielder it is YOUR turn in the Box What has Fielder in the Box today and him bent out of shape is how much Milwaukee will be paying the 23 year old to play Baseball this season. A measly $ 670,000.

You are right. The Brewers must be kidding. They are lucky Prince is accepting it. You wouldn’t.

At 23 Fielder is already close to being one of the Super-Stars of Baseball.

At only 22 last season he hit 50 HomeRuns more than anyone else in the National League and racked up 119 RBis. To put it in perspective Fielder hit more HomeRuns than Ryan Howard last season. And Fielder came in 3rd in the MVP voting to Boot.

Let’s put it this way. If Fielder were a FREE agent he would command $10Million or more on the open market for the upcoming 2008 season. But as a “youngster” he is still firmly tied to the team that brought him to the Baseball Dance. And he can’t even go to Arbitration until next season. Had he been able to prior to this season no doubt he would have been awarded $5Million and probably more for 2008. So Prince Fielder is Upset.

Prince Fielder is fuming if quietly and without a lot of Theatrics. But neither is he hiding his disappointment. Isn’t this another perfect example of the Two Sided Coin. Are there any one sided coins. Readers here is yet another opportunity to get highlighted in the Box. That is FOUR chances in this Box for you to Shine if you have the Answer. Answer ALL three correctly and first you might get your picture in the Box. WOWWOW.

Where were we ..

YES Prince Fielder and the Two Sided Coin. How many 23 years olds are getting paid $670,000 to play games all summer then get 5 months off. Imagine if Fielder was not playing Baseball for a living how much would he be making and doing what ?

And here is the Other Side of the Coin. WHY should one of the most talented players in Baseball with Stats last season that put him among the dozen best players if not even higher than that. And the rest of those 2007 Super Stars are all making 10 or more times more than Prince Fielder is for no other reason than they are Older than him basically.

So you decide is Prince Fielder is a Spoiled Brat or is he being Abused by the Brewers for NO Good Reason or are both versions True ??

YOU decide and don’t forget the Box questions you might WIN Big

Prince Fielder