Straight No Chaser: Ms. Jones & G.W.

By Desi Cortez
Updated: July 22, 2008

DENVER — Your Presidential-like pimp George Bush is about to be asked to pardon defamed World Class Sprinter Marion Jones’, in her case where the judge said of her wide use of steroids “affected the integrity of athletic competition.”

Yet Bush, this imbecile, this simple-minded moral-less moron with the authority to let by-gones’ be …gone-the hell-away, has dramatically and negatively affected the integrity of not merely the White House, but this country, if not destabilized the entire planet.

Talk about irony, about contradictions and the falsity of it all…the mighty emperor, sitting in judgement of all…. is butt-naked.

Take a moment and ponder this friends, and enemies; you’ve got the Chief Executive Officer of US of A, who’s an ex-alcoholic, ex-coke addict, who has a history of exploiting his family name: from his questionable Viet-Nam military service– where many wholeheartedly believe he went rich boy AWOL, to his college days– where he was a well-below average Ivy League legacy (affirmative-action for e-lites) male cheerleader.

On to the business world – where he failed at the oil business pops’ gave him, the MLB franchise his family name permitted him to front.

And recently, in the political arena, when Governor of Texas, he spared no man, or wo-man for that matter – from the hangman’s noose, to right-here-and-now is what most Americans believe is this nation’s worst man in the White House, e-v-e-r.

A guy about as sharp-as-a-bowling ball, who prostituted himself to the Neo-Cons’ – together, they stole two Presidential elections. Some say the administration had inside knowledge of 9/11.

If nothing less, millions of Americans believe they have treasonously benefitted financially and politically from the tragedy and, yes and, in additionto a-l-l this you-know-what… this boy, who-would-be-king started an illegal war with Iraq and desires another endless war with Iran.

Ol’ Blood Guts Bush – our blood…his guts

Now this deceitful, hypocritically treacherous, double-dealing, two-faced fork-tongued weasel of-a- man…. is going to pass judgement; forgive, pardon if-you-will – the striped and naked-to-the-world Miss Jones.

Erase her use of Superwomen juice, and her knowledge of her ex husbands illegal check schemes…..

Ain’t that a bitch……

This paradox comes from a nation which supposedly, allegedly demands a certain amount of character, honesty and dignity from all its citizens.

Jones’ finds herself the criminal, while the man who can wipe some, maybe most of her shame and pain away – is this walking contradiction, American nobility; a ass-of-a- man whose family broke bread with, and did business with Nazis, are still today bed-fellows with the Royal Saudi Family…where most of the 9//11 terrorist haled from….

And Miss Jones is the one asking for forgiveness….

Ain’t that America…

So, a man of very little character….if any, because of a titlehe bamboozled , was only able to steal because of his position of entitlement and privilege – has the power to give this women back her… freedom.

When in all reality, President Bush, and most of his cabinet, may one day be in jail, if there is any true justice in the land of equality. If… there’s not two, three, maybe four different types of justices.

If that lady holding the scale is really blind-folded….

Miss Jones’, you may not dig this, but dig this quote from another blind lady … Helen Keller

Character can not be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.