Pat White Hits The Nail On The Head

Updated: July 30, 2008


Somebody WAKE up

Barack Obama and

send him to go see

QB Pat White in

West Virginia

West Virginia University QB Pat White just told THE TRUTH. Too Bad Barack Obama does not believe The Truth will make him Free. OK maybe he does but not that it will make him President. Too many Americans can’t live with The Truth so Barack will play it SAFE telling White America coast to coast what it wants to hear that African Americans need to do a better job.

We think Obama should go see West Virginia Quarterback Pat White and thank him for telling The Truth. FAT CHANCE. “Senator Obama West Virginia University Quarterback Pat White recently stated his belief West Virginia’s head baseball coach Greg Van Zant purposely avoids having African American players on the WV team. Would you comment.”

” In answer to your question let me say I think Baseball is a great sport and so is West Virginia a great state. As you know I attended Harvard University not West Virginia University and so it would not be appropriate for me to pass judgment on the West Virginia Baseball team. I can tell you that I certainly would like to see more African American parents playing Baseball with their young kids or at least playing catch with them. Next question.”

Here’s the Story. Heisman runner-up and West Virginia Starting QB Pat White is making some waves and getting some ink in recent days talking about Baseball not Football. What began as a so called “innocent” question from a reporter as to why Pat White who was almost as renowned as a young Baseball as a Football prospect and has been drafted again and again by various Major League Baseball teams does NOT play Baseball for West Virginia.”

African American Pat White’s answer ….

AMOUNTS TO AN INDICTMENT OF WEST VIRGINIA University in general and its Baseball coach Greg Van Zant in particular. When recently asked why he does not play WVU Baseball here is what Pat White said according to USAToday and other media.

“In my knowledge of West Virginia baseball, there’s not been many players of my race on his team,” White said. “Van Zant is “not too high on it.” White went on to say, “Every player I’ve talked to doesn’t like him. He’s not a well-liked coach, but I guess he has tenure so they never got rid of him. They’re not successful at all.”

ALL 34 PLAYERS ON WVU’S BASEBALL TEAM LAST SEASON ARE WHITE. And we don’t mean Pat White. We mean WHITE White. Now that is not to suggest that most other NCAA Baseball teams are not the same with NO African American players.

THE SMOKING GUN HERE IS that Pat White is one of the best young athletes in College Sports today considered as good a Baseball as a Football player and yet Baseball Coach Greg Van Zant has done NOTHING to try and convince him to join the WVU Baseball team.

Other schools try to get away with the “scam” well NO African Americans in their colleges are “good enough” to make their college Baseball team. Well that is certainly NOT the case at West Virginia University with Pat White in attendance. That’s for sure.

Now that Old Greg Van Zant

has been exposed by a BRAVE

African American the only

question is will Van Zant

be allowed to continue

coaching Baseball at

West Virginia U

wanna bet