New York Yankees Now African American Free

Updated: July 31, 2008


So who did you expect

to get the Boot to make

room for the new players

the Yankees just got in those

very SUSPICIOUS mid-season trades

of course the ONE Black guy who else

What’s suspicious. Why as usual do only the Yankees get THREE premier players giving up almost nothing when none of the other 29 teams many of them also contenders can’t come close to making comparable mid-season trades. We have NO proof the RICH Yankees make secret CASH deals that are never reported but something is going on. Anyway we don’t care.

Here is what we do care about and want to report about even if as usual no one else does. That’s why we’re Special. The vaulted New York Yankees Kings of Baseball if only in their warped minds playing in what we will call the African American Capitol of the World their old and soon new stadium EASILY visible from the rooftops of buildings all over HARLEM have now DUMPED their one and rarely used AFRICAN American player LaTroy Hawkins.

( please Derek Jeter go away leave us alone you are NOT Black )

That’s right the New York Yankees join the list of MLB teams with NO African American players on their Roster. Do we really need to tell you they do NOT have an African American manager and all of ONE African American coach Bobby Meacham among 7 coaches. We can report the Yankees have a group of African Americans picking up towels in the locker room.

It seems General Manager Brian Cashman and the younger Steinbrenners now that George has gone cuckoo in the head in his Old Age are determined to insure African Americans are wiped from these Yankees. Maybe there is some good “logic” ( sic ) here.

Even more in the NEW Yankee Stadium opening next season than in the current Stadium ticket prices will be astronomical the highest in the Majors and how many Black Americans will be able to afford to go to games anyway even more do we want African Americans in these expensive seats. Thank God you won’t find African Americans owning any of the LUXURY Suites.

As for veteran relief pitcher LaTroy Hawkins it seems Brian Cashman arrived in his office Wednesday morning prepared to simply release Hawkins or maybe humiliate him even more offering to assign him to a minor league team. Turns out there is a whiff of JUSTICE here. Some other SMART teams showed interest and now LaTroy is in the bullpen in his NEW home.

Here’s some Irony LaTroy Hawkins new home is the Houston Astros “infamous” for being the only team in modern times to make it to the World Series after a season with NO African American players on their roster. Not one.

To be “fair” meaning with one or two less than most World Series teams. Anyway we’ll continue reporting The Truth here while the rest of the Media sleep walks through issues like the New York Yankees of all teams lack of African Americans Players. THINK ABOUT IT. If we lived in a different far far less hypocritical world much of the Media would find a major story in THE New York Yankees dismissing their ONLY African American player.

Imagine if the Steinbrenners

and Cashman had to worry

about a hoard of reporters

showing up asking them all

about being African American

FREE after dumping Hawkins

and answering what about

Derek Jeter to howls of

uncontrollable laughter