ABA To Expand To Alaska in 2008-09

By ABA Media Relations
Updated: July 14, 2008

ABAINDIANAPOLIS — The American Basketball Association hasannounced that the Alaska Dream has been added to its roster of teams for the upcoming season.

According to Joe Newman, ABA CEO, “We’ve been looking at Alaska for expansion for quite sometime. Basketball is very popular there as can be evidenced by the very successful Alaska Shootout.”

“The problem has been transportation. We believe that has been worked out and as a result, we are adding the Alaska Dream to our 2008 schedule. Should anything happen, however, the team and we are prepared for a 2009 start.”

The team will be located in Anchorage, Alaska and will be owned by Trey Davis, a graduate of American InterContinental University who is associated with the Boys and Girls Club of South Central Alaska and serves as a Teen Coordinator and Outreach Coordinator.

Davis has10 years of experience as a Marketing/Events Coordinator organizing Home Shows, Fund Raisers and operating Men’s Basketball Leagues as well as 10 years of experience coaching youth basketball and organizing youth sporting events.

A veteran of the U.S. Air Force, he attended Lakenheath American High School in England. “We named our team the Alaska Dream because it has truly been our dream to have a professional basketball team, particularly an ABA team, here in Alaska and this is like a dream come true,” stated Davis.

“The state of Alaska and the city of Anchorage, fans and sponsors all want the team here, but the problem has been finding a plan to reduce the cost of travel, and we believe we have accomplished that. It will be affordable for ABA teams to visit here and for us to do our road games on the Pacific coast. A win-win situation.

“There’s no doubt that we have some great talent here and will be competitive.Plus, if this works out, we are aiming to put a team in Fairbanks next season. We really appreciate the ABA working with us to accomplish this.”

Information relating to tryouts, website, personnel and other things will be announced shortly.

NOTE: For more information, e-mail tdavis@bgcalaska.orgor call 907-250-8369.