Straight No Chaser: No Better Fit

By Desi Cortez
Updated: May 18, 2008

DENVER — I’ve got this thorn in my backside, I think it’s brought on by the failure of NFL plantation masters to find Black head coaches they’re comfortable with. But I was thinking….

The Oakland Raiders should be the first NFL franchise to be owned and operated by African Americans, perhaps even a joint venture with a group of Latino Americans, but nonetheless a NFL team lead by…. men of color.

This should be a deliberate strategic move, to counter the exclusive Aristocratic flavor of the lily-white NFL owners country club, which just happens to be void of any faces of color….which is of-course, happenstance, non calculated.

If you believe that…I’ve got a house, maybe even a time-share I want to sell you, hell, just about anywhere in the USA….

Doubly too, the league is abundantly populated/dominated by Black players, as well are the league’s farm teams, USC Norte Dame, Texas, Miami, Oklahoma, LSU…

The time has come, honestly, l-o-n-g past, when a professional team be headed by a Black man, or a women. Seriously, how can one ignite a flame under Oprah’s ass? (she does have an ass – right? Doesn’t nobility still come with an ass?)

I’ve grown weary of looking at Afro-Americans – who’re responsible for filling the coliseums, propelling the merchandise sales, but nevertheless, Blacks don’t own a damn thing.

It’s time to own the means of production, versus merely being the means of production. Providing virtually all the “ooohhhss and ahhsss” while having little say-so in any meaningful aspect of the operation, but in a handful of cities.

The city of Oakland, sits on a hill, or rather hills, and is as diverse as America comes: Black Mayor, Ron Dellums, a onetime legal mouth piece for the Black Panther Party, Berkeley, historical home of Hippies and Psychedelic shacks, the village where they’ll be burning their draft cards after Big George W. and little Dick Cheney get us deeper into war in the Middle East.

This is also the first NFL franchise in the modern era to hire an Black and a Latino as head coachs. The Raiders had Black cheerleaders when nobody else had but a single token on the squad, and their QB of the future is Black….

Where’s that Tower of Power album with “What is hip?

The complete shimmy-shimmy coco-pop landscape, is right across the Bay from the Land of Fruits and Nuts, San Francisco. This entire scene is groovy baby, and about as progressive/ inclusive and diverse as the US of A is at the moment.

On top of this plethora of points – Al Davis is a unbelievable 127 years old? Seriously, Al Needs to call it a glorious career. The pride and poise he stressed, is, like the man, a thing of the past.

George Atkinson, Otis Sistrunk (from the University of Mars), Darryl LaMonica, The Mad Bomber, Fred Biletnikoff, Ben Davidson, Jim Plunkett, (both his parents are blind,,,,) Cliff Branch, soon to be Hall of Famer – Raymond Chester, Jim Otto and the Stark, the assassin Jack Tatum, Pete Banasak, and Lester the Molester Hayes –

Just a few of the mixed nuts and bolts from the Glory Days of John Madden and Tom Flores – one of these graying Raiders must be able to convince Mr. Davis, his time has come… and gone, and, for the good of the Silver and Black, the skull and crossbones, sell his controlling share of the organization to an Investment group dedicated to returning the flagship franchise back to its rightful position atop the league…

The longer Mr. Davis stays at the helm, generating the same results -five straight losing seasons in a row(after onlyseven from 1964 to 2002)there those word-smiths across the land, justifiably or just shark-like who’ll start to raise a legit question: Can the bad decisions Al Davis has rendered lately – start to tarnish the good work.

League making work. I don’t believe he could ever find himself upside down, and the bad out-weigh the good, but, it’s a difficult call. Al may never step down… I think Aland Hugh Hefner are related….

But now, who wants to sit and wait for this big cat to stop hunting. Al may have more thannine seasons left in him. Might the time be right to make Al an offer…. Where’s the offer come from?

A Black consortium, Oprah, Jordan, Bill Cosby, P diddy, Jay Z, 25 of the wealthiest Black folks, a few Black CEO’s, and independently wealthy Afro-Americans, a few self made millionaires and perhaps a African dictator or two…

Honestly, I’m talkin’ square-business here – this is an opportunity, which must be made and met, by a few – to benefit many. If that translate’s into “by any means required”, so be it. Ice-T and Snoop maybe able to tap a few hustlers, bring in another 25 mill…. Improvise, adapt, overcome….

Just win baby win. Let’s restore that mentality and mind set.

What drives my desire to see this; symbolic value. What a team – owned, locker room, human stock and barrel, by a black man. This form of equality would send a potent signal to the everyday follower of this male soap oprah. Can-do-ness.

This yearning on my part, does not make me an Black racist. Instead it brands me a realist, a purist, an individual seeking fair and equitable representation in all aspects of life. And please, don’t bore me with that “why bring race into the debate?”

Let’s stop ignoring the 4,000-pound elephant in the room, the color line is what this Democratic precedential primary season has made painfully clear. This nation is divided. Have no doubt about, split along the same lines which divided us in 1969…

The Liberal Left, forget the Right – is divided along lines of color, Malcolm X was correct a half century ago when he warned Black folks about putting all our eggs in one Democratic basket, about being taken for granted. If Senator Clinton and her Blues singing Black bastard husband are the friends of colored folk, wow, we don’t need no enemies.

Additionally, this country is holding it’s breath, afraid of what type of race war Rush Limbaugh, Vice President Dick Cheney and Republican operative Karl Rove are planning.

These three draft dodging chicken hawks aren’t content with a war in Iraq, or even Iran – why not start one here, in Big Apple, the Big Easy LA, Chi-Town, Atlanta, GA.. If you think race has been on-and-off center stage of the presidential primaries, you just wait until the Republican Party rounds up a posse, a lynch-mob and they go after Obama…… and his family.

Hey, angry white men have a history, a background, an horrific legacy of …being willing to kill little girls – in order to maintain their stranglehold on power and control, literally. There’s no question they will fan the flames of racism in order to motivate and mobilize….yes, hard working blue collar white folks.

Conservative hate talk radio here in Denver, site of the Democrat’s circus in August, is already trying to ignite a fire under some local twisted aspiring Sirhan Sirhan or James Ray with their endless attacks on Obama’s humanity.

Well, well, well, race, color, culture, gender, class, all the bias and prejudices the American mainstream had been historically plagued with…which had mysteriously gone away.

That BS company line – about how it’s now acceptable to color blind, you know, that “Uncle Sam and Aunt Betsy didn’t care if their little Susie, head Cheerleader – is dating the star QB, Le’ Leroy Tre’vesez Jackson… that Black boy who lives…next door.”

Progress, derived via change, an social advancement which can be weighed and measured thru the attainment of true diversity, starting with the school house, the White House, Wall Street and America’s national pastimes.

Give this a thought; as many, if not more Americans know who Dallas Cowboy’s owner Jimmy Johnson is, as opposed to who George Bush is. I guarantee Johnson is better known than Dick Cheney.

Owning an NFL franchise is a highly visible position, sad, but true, we’re a nation of dumbasses, we’ve no conception, no understanding of what’s, important and truly meaningful.

With that in mind, the time is right for the Oakland Raiders to change hands and return to their glory days of the last century. Wow! It has been a-while.