‘More Than Just A Game’

By ABA Media Relations
Updated: May 17, 2008

ABAATLANTA — The American Basketball Association (ABA) has announced a new slogan and branding campaign: “ABA — More Than Just A Game.”

According to Quentin Townsend, ABA President/COO, “We spent considerable time and effort coming up with just the right slogan for our incredible league and recognized that the ABA was truly much more than just a game of basketball.”

“There are so many components on and off the court that make the ABA the most unique, most exciting professional sports league anywhere. And the slogan we’ve selected is designed to incorporate these components.”

“The ABA represents fan-friendly and affordable professional basketball. Our players play for the love of the game and always give 100% of themselves on and off the court.”

“The ABA is the most diversified professional sports league ever with over 70% of its ownership group being African-American, Hispanic, Asian and women. We are so very proud of that. We play in large and small cities and recognize that good quality basketball is enjoyed everywhere,” added Townsend.

“And we are expanding worldwide to bring the excitement and meaning of ABA basketball to the growing worldwide audience as well as providing tremendous opportunities for players, coaches and referees to do what they do best,” stated Joe Newman, ABA CEO.

“We offer huge sports management employment opportunities as well as opportunities for college and high school interns. The ABA’s rules are original and combine the best of the NBA, international and college with our own unique rules like 3-D and 3-10-and Out.”

“Character development is emphasized and we have a no tolerance drug policy that is enforced. We are deeply involved with our communities working closely with youth groups, schools, churches and not-for-profit organizations with strong off-the-court programs that involve players and management.”

“We have an entertainment division that will bring concerts and special events to our fans,” concluded Townsend. “So, as our new slogan says ‘ABA — More Than Just A Game’. And it is true.”

NOTE: For more information, log on to www.abalive.com.