How to Make It in the NBA: A More Realistic Approach

By Tony McClean
Updated: May 7, 2008

NEW HAVEN, Ct. — As a longtime academic advisor for the University of Michigan, Brian Banks has always been very heavily involved in providing career opportunities and options to young people.

An usher at New Testament Baptist Church in Ypsilanti, Banks serves as a volunteer at “Meet Me at the Hoop,” a youth oriented program sponsored by several other local churches.

However, Banks has taken his commitment to youth to another level.

In his book, How to Make It in the NBA: A More Realistic Approach, Banks delivers what his title promises an in depth, how-to-look at the realities and rigors of pursuing a career in professional basketball.

He makes public the truth that professional basketball is more that just a game, it’s big business with a wide range of positions available on and off the court. “What is important to me as an advisor, author, friend, and father is that young people maximize their options to achieve their goals in life”, said Banks.

“Through basketball, educational opportunities are given. Scholarships that pay for a portion or all of your tuition for college can be obtained through basketball”.

He also incorporates his hometown team, the Detroit Pistons, as a model. His efforts included taking several youngsters on an annual field trip to the Palace of Auburn Hills, for a tour and career introduction.

Banks’ dedication to promotion of educational opportunities and Christian values is evident in his newest venture as founder and President of “The Schoolyard, Inc.” The goal of his company is to heighten the awareness of young people to all aspects and opportunities within the world of basketball and how it can be used to make a positive impact in the world.

This book presents career alternatives to those 99.99% who love the game that for whatever reason, may not make it to the courts. A career in the NBA doesn’t always mean a career playing basketball on the courts.

What makes this informative book very impactful is that the NBA model can be used whether you’re talking about baseball, football, hockey, or any professional sport. “My goal is for kids to use basketball as you would a car or subway, as a vehicle to get you where you want to be”, Banks added

As many athletes have proven, sports as a whole can also be a platform for many things. You’ll also find valuable lists and contacts that will help you make well informed decisions about your life and career.

While this book is geared toward youths, anyone trying to get into the sports industry as a whole can find the information in Banks’ book invaluable. The fact that sports has become an institution where there are several lucrative avenues of opportunity is something that is stressed by Banks.

“How To Make It In The NBA” truly offers a “realistic approach” for anyone (young or old) seeking a career not just in hoops, but any sport.