Best Model For Ownership

Updated: May 31, 2008


Too bad more individuals

don’t read the Saturday

edition of the Wall Street Journal

of course many don’t read it at all

( it’s your dumb choice not ours )

May 31st issue WSJ had an article that did not mention African Americans at all. That is not the story here in the Box. The real story of the article titled “Bunch of Financiers Bring Luck to Celtics” amounts to the ownership model that proves African Americans are as much to blame as is White Racism that there is virtually NO Black team ownership in Sports.

What the group of Celtics owners prove you don’t have to be a lone Zillionaire to own a MAJOR Sports franchise in America. The Boston Celtics are NOT owned by a Zillionaire but rather a syndicate of 25 owners – yes rich guys – count them 25 INDIVIDUALS OWN THE CELTICS. Of course the fact that they are ALL White is another story but one we’re not focusing on here since it amounts to a dead end diversion to the Real Story.

So here is the Question

Does anyone believe there are not 25 African Americans who if they wanted as these 25 White Guys who bought the Celtics did – 25 African Americans who COLLECTIVELY could not have raised $360 Million as these gentlemen did in 2002 to buy the Celtics. Even more that it could all be financed with bank loans or hedge funds if they wanted. To put it in perspective Oprah’s so called Promised Land estate on the West Coast probably cost more certainly after the renovations and the gold faucets ( just kidding ? ).

Now let’s see these 25 guys bought the Celtics for $360 Million six years ago how much do you think the team is worth today is it $750 Million even $1Billion it is somewhere in the vicinity. After 6 years they guys have DOUBLED their money or more plus hefty annual income from operating income. YOU CAN’T LOSE buying a team !!!

And then there are so so many

other benefits to owning a team

please don’t get us started

But African Americans continue to sit on the Sidelines the ones with the BULGING wallets. Pick someone anyone. Here is a good one Spike Lee. What is Spike known for as much if not more than making films HIS LOVE OF BASKETBALL.

Yet for all the Courtside sitting he does there has never ever been a report of Spike talking about putting together a SYNDICATE TO BUY A TEAM. How difficult would it be for Spike Lee to find 24 Black Guys to join him to BUY a team. Answer. How long would it take him to make 24 phone calls.

When it comes to Sports and business

We live in a world of BLACK BULLSHIT ARTISTS .. Spike Lee, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, add to the list – he’s learning quick – LeBron James, take Oprah PLEASE TAKE OPRAH, JayZee, Denzel Washington, Beyonce, add any rich African American to the list NONE of them talk about buying Sports franchises THE MOST LUCRATIVE BUSINESSES ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH.

We were going to quote

heavily from the WSJ article

but WHY bother since only

White Guys get it

better to PRAY for

African American


no matter how unlikely

in the business of Sports