ABA To Return To Knoxville

By ABA Media Relations
Updated: May 26, 2008

ABAINDIANAPOLIS — The American Basketball Association (ABA) announced that it would be returning to Knoxville Tennessee when the new season begins this fall.

According to Joe Newman, ABA CEO, “We are delighted to be back in Knoxville; it was an excellent ABA city before and with the new ownership group in place, we know it will be a great success. “

“The new owners are very good people with excellent backgrounds in business, basketball and community involvement – the ingredients you need to be successful.”

The team will be owned by The Huffson Group which has been operating the non-profit GENESIS International for the last ten years, placing food programs for the less fortunate and educational facilities in all parts of the world.

According to co-owner Dr. Marty L. Glisson, who will be serving as General Manager of the team, “As we have been a part of these great programs, sports has been a big part in the lives of the students that we help. “

“Seeing the talent and dreams of some of these players stop after college due to the limitations of the professional basketball world, The Huffson Group has made a commitment to joining the ABA to continue the dreams of these players that have the talent to bring a competitive excellence to the court.

“The Huffson Group’s motto is “Keep the Dream Alive.”

The Huffson Group Executive Team consists of CEO Lance Huff, M.ED., graduate of Virginia Tech and New Life Bible College and Seminary San Diego; President Dr. Marty L. Glisson, graduate of American College of Theology.

Other memers include Vice President Mrs. Susanne W. Huff M.A.., graduate of Virginia Tech and New Life Bible College and Seminary; and Secretary/Treasurer Mrs. Amy Glisson, M.A. CI, CT, graduate of New Life Bible College and Seminary.

Complete details about staff and coaching opportunities will be announced shortly. For more information, e-mail Dr. Glisson at mlajglisson@aol.com, thehuffsongroup@aol.com or call 858-869-3290 or visit www.abalive.com.