The Rise & Fall Of Marion Jones

By Jonathan Rowe
Updated: April 16, 2008

NEW YORK — So they say in America that we as free people, bound by the Constitution, have a right against incriminating ourselves in court.

Unfortunately for most minorities, (no this isn’t sour grapes) nothing could be further from the truth. The stereotypes placed upon us at times are incriminating enough, but for reasons unbekowst to us all, Ms. Marion Jones couldn’t wait to undo all that she accomplished.

I am a firm believer that if you show me your friends, I know who you are. C.J. Hunter and Tim Montgomery smelled of trouble all along. Mind you, during her meteoric rise to superstardom none of those guys could have gotten within a relay lap of her.

Something about success changed her view of people, be it lack of love in her personal life, a weakness for men that adored her, or low self esteem. Who knows?

But suddenly, she began to let up and allow her tight circle to widen tremendously. “I am guilty if extremely poor judgement in my personal affairs”, she crowed after copping out to the pressure applied by the U.S. Attorneys Office.

No kidding! I was always of the belief that Marion needed only her natural talent and grace to own the world. But like so many others in sports she felt the need to go one step further than her natural ability allowed.

Why else would she get romantically involved with not one, but two trainers?

The marriage to C.J. was as much a scam as we have witnessed in American sports, because of the promise, the opportunity to further her legacy, to distance herself even further from the competition, she brought in to what she was being told.

When C.J. ran out of answers, she sought them in her new trainer Tim Montgomery. But Tim was a step faster than C.J., he saw the big picture and not only married her, but gave her a child.

Good game! This is the same husband and father that gave her up before the handcuffs came off! You have those that will cry ,”How could they turn on her?”, “How could blacks assist the government in taking down an icon?”.

Hey, if Judas saw fit to turn on Jesus, than you can expect anything! But I lay the blame on her because she had the guts and the skills to climb to the top. Her greed and lack of judgement undid her as quickly as she circled the track!