Super Freaks

By Lamont Germany
Updated: April 4, 2008

Barry Bonds Jerry RiceBALTIMORE, MD—With apologies to the late Rick James, I want to talk about a couple of freaks, some Super Freaks.

Both freaks have already had their 40th birthdays… But both are continuing to kick butt and take names.

Barry Bonds and Jerry Rice…

Both freaks have enjoyed record shattering careers… But both appear to have plenty left in the tank…

Barry Bonds and Jerry Rice…

Both indeed have put up some freakish numbers… And in both cases the freak show isn’t over.

You don’t believe they’re freaks? I’m sorry folks, they’re freaks.

By definition a freak isn’t normal. Believe me, Barry Bonds and Jerry Rice aren’t normal…They aren’t trying to be normal…and don’t ever want to be normal.

By definition a freak does things other folks would never do… Believe me when I tell you, we won’t be alive to see the day anybody does what Barry and Jerry are doing right now. So you better sit back and enjoy the freak show.

Both Barry and Jerry have an uncompromising, freakish dedication to excellence. Both Bonds and Rice have a freakish competitive desire to achieve.

I’m sorry Barry; you have to be a freak to hit 73 Home Runs in one season. And Jerry Rice, you’ve got to be nothing but a stone cold Super-Duper freak with your 204 career touchdowns.

Both Barry Bonds and Jerry Rice have been freaking America out for almost two decades.

Yea they’re freaks. They are my favorite kind of freaks, they’re Super Freaks.

Barry Bonds just might be the best baseball player who ever lived. Jerry Rice just might be the best football player who ever lived.

I say long live the freaks!!!

Barry Bonds and Jerry Rice, “Two very freaky boys…the kind you can take home to mother.”

Rest in peace Rick James.

I’m Lamont Germany That’s your two-minute warning.