Pumpsie Green

By Bruce H Edwards
Updated: April 4, 2008

Pumpsie GreenLEXINGTON, KENTUCKY—There is no “Curse of the Bambino” no “Buckner’s Blunder” etc., etc. The real reason the B—– R– S– will remain losers for all eternity is the payback for Pumpsie Green. The R– S– signed Green in 1959 making B—– the last major league team to sign an African American… twelve years after Jackie Robinson broke the Major League color barrier. God don’t like and will never like ugly.

The media is generally not interested in exposing the shame and sham of college athletics on a regular basis … Props to NBC for its report on football players getting college credit toward a degree for taking a class in football. It’s that kind of exposure that will ultimately bring some sanity to the issue of student athletes at some schools working toward a legitimate degree.

Clyde Drexler caught that old disease going around; the same one Dieon Sanders has called the “Ain’t got nothing really to do” disease.

Rowdy fans that are a threat to players and who shout personal and family insults need to be identified early and put out early plus be on a watch list preventing them from attending other games…Meanwhile, Frank Francisco should be suspended, heavily fined, charged with assault, and sued for mega bucks by the women he hit with a chair breaking her nose. Francisco was way over the line no matter what was said by a fan.

Hey Serena and Venus…You’ve out-talented everyone else for a few years, won some majors, and became rich and famous… now you have to play the game without 37 and 42 unforced errors respectively (in the U.S. Open) if you want to stay on top and ahead of the competition. Serena we’ll discuss your attire at another time.

Vince Carter and Jason Kidd want out of their long term, big money contracts but Toronto and New Jersey are saying “Ya’ll ain’t going nowhere”. Strange how these two players can get everybody else traded or fired and yet they can’t get themselves off bad teams going nowhere.

Would someone please tell me how does every black college football game played at a neutral site in a big city become a “Classic” before the game is played?

With the blessing of the school and the Council on American-Islamic Relations, University of South Florida basketball player Andrea Armstrong has asked the NCAA to allow her to wear long pants, a top with long sleeves and a head scarf because she has converted to the Muslim religion. NCAA rules state all team players must wear the same uniform….keep an eye on this one.

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