Momma & Carl Eller

By Lamont Germany
Updated: April 4, 2008

Quincy and Huggins
Left To Right: Quincy Carter & Bob Huggins

BALTIMORE, MD— In the end, Quincy Carter was just another disposable brother. Sometimes it seems nobody except Momma and Carl Eller cares about those disposable brothers anymore. Quincy Carter smoked some joints and the walls of Jericho came tumblin’ down. The team, the league, the fans and the media all came together to crucify a brother who allegedly smoked a joint. He’s out of the league and Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones reportedly wants Carter to repay the team about $600,000. Somebody call the Guinness “Book of World Records” because that was probably the world’s most expensive joint.

Quincy Carter apparently has a self-destructive affinity for weed, and every columnist from coast to coast with a keyboard has been tripping over himself to cut Quincy ‘s throat. Q does need to take a long look in the mirror and perhaps find a new hobby. However, if his problem is beyond recreational and has progressed to addictive, he needs to seek help. Either way I don’t think it makes Quincy the monster or idiot many have painted him.

I just wonder why we stopped with Quincy ? Do we honestly believe Carter and perhaps Ricky Williams are the only two players in the league who take a few drags on that skinny cigarette from time to time? If smoking reefer is enough to get you fired, there are lots of players in the league who should be turning in their playbook and following Quincy out the door.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the Dallas Cowboys apparently violated the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement in broad daylight, and virtually nobody utters a syllable in protest…. Nobody investigates… Nobody cares… Nobody dares to put the Cowboys in check.

I don’t mind when folks jump on a soapbox, I’ve been know to jump on a couple of soapboxes myself. It does bothers me however when we become selective with our finger pointing. I call it SSS, “Selective Soapbox Syndrome”.

Let’s connect the dots. Nobody’s talking, so connecting the dots is all we have in determining why Carter was cut. We know Quincy didn’t get cut because he wasn’t good enough. He was the same reefer smoking Quincy who led the team to a 10-6 record and a playoff appearance last season. We also know Quincy was not under any current NFL mandated substance abuse violation. So if 2 plus 2 still equals 4, this is what it all means. The Cowboys decided to bounce Carter because of either a test the team administered, or because they simply suspect Carter is still puffing cannabis.

Hello!!! That’s a violation of league policy boys and girls. The Cowboys can’t administer their own test. This would be a direct violation of the CBA. And folks I hope you don’t get fired from your job because of what your boss THINKS you MIGHT be doing. I wonder why the soapbox people aren’t screaming at the Cowboys for blatantly violating the CBA. I guess it’s easier to rip another disposable brother… Again SSS, “Selective Soapbox Syndrome”…

Quincy violates league policy and he’s cut. The Cowboys violate league policy and it’s all good.

University of Cincinnati basketball coach Bob Huggins gets behind the wheel of a car; drunk out of his mind a few months ago, and last time I checked he still has a job. Where are the soapbox people? I don’t remember seeing or reading the same outrage. I guess Quincy puffing on some weed is more outrageous to the soapbox people than endangering the lives of yourself and others by drunk driving. More SSS, “Selective Soapbox Syndrome”…

Quincy violates the law and he’s cut. Bob Huggins violates the law and it’s all good.

Huggins is soon to return to his job supervising, guiding and then disposing of young brothers. That’s because the University of Cincinnati graduates virtually none of its basketball players. Meanwhile Carter has no job to return to, he becomes just another disposable brother.

All I can say is thank God for Momma and Carl Eller.

I’m Lamont Germany…

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