Dennis Felton

By Bruce H. Edwards
Updated: April 4, 2008

Dennis FtonLEXINGTON, KENTUCKY—Why are there NFL pre-season games? ABC, CBS, ESPN, FSN, sold out stadiums, and an early jump on merchandise sales. In the professional sports industry, the NFL is as tight an organization as they come… The pre-season games give the league and its owners its play money.

I’m sure University of Georgia Basketball Players are thrilled with coach Dennis Felton’s new 700,000 a year contract… In fact, they even get to make sure he gets another 75, 000 if they win the SEC regular season championship and 150,000 if the players win the NCAA Championship… what a system.

Stop feeling sorry for Mike Williams. The former USC Wide Receiver thought he saw an opportunity to go pro before the NFL would allow him to, took the gamble and lost… He made a man’s move that didn’t work out so now he needs to be a man and stop whining. Any reader of this column knows I’m not a fan of the NCAA, but they did what they had to do to send a message and Mike got it loud and clear…so did every big time freshman and sophomore with big ideas about going pro.

Olympic Thoughts…

We fast… Can’t hit a jump shot to save our basketball lives but we fast…and we look so good at it. Congrats to all the brothers and sisters who blessed the birthplace of the Olympics with their talents.

So many Olympic athletes don’t represent their country of birth and heritage; they represent where their citizenship is… Did you check the number of brothers born in Africa competing for France and other European countries?

Even though he got dunked on… Richard Jefferson said something about himself in going for the block as time ran out against Argentina.

In one of the early 200 meter heats, the brothers who ran 1-2 looked at each other smiling as they crossed the finished line. Of course they were criticized for showboating at the Olympics by the announcers… So how come Pole Vaulter Coby “Crash” Stevenson is admirably described as “Enjoying the moment” while doing his celebratory antics after a successful vault…answer me that.

The interview with the American Women’s 4×100 relay team after the finals got a brothers’ eyes all wet…now that’s how you lose when you’re a winner.