Allen Iverson

By Bruce Edwards
Updated: April 4, 2008

Allen IversonLEXINGTON, KENTUCKY— Tiger Woods has been playing serious golf since he was two years old so he’s already had a 27 year career. I find it totally believable that he could have peaked from 1998-2001 and now he’s just an excellent pro golfer at the age of 29…Still capable of winning every tournament but not expected to dominate. Hey Allen Iverson…You’re always complaining about the media being on your case…What do you think AI?… You’re a star and you’re black male athlete in America. Of course they’ll be on you for those things like gun possession, terroristic threatening, arguments with your wife and bad rap CDs….but you gave them this one on a silver platter… C’mon now pay the parking tickets.

When U.S Olympic Officials asked athletes to march in orderly rows during the opening ceremonies and be mindful of decorum while celebrating victories… what they really mean is they don’t want the brothers “Cuttin’ Up” on the track. Spare me the security / American image story please. America’s image has long been tarnished in the eyes of the world.

I’m not too surprised by the U.S Men’s Olympic Basketball teams’ loss to Puerto Rico. I will also not be surprised if they don’t win the Gold Medal. These players aren’t playing for pride of country like their opponents. Their effort or lack thereof against Puerto Rico is a black eye for the NBA. Forget pride of country… How about pride in self.

Call your local competitive youth aquatic team, soccer team, gymnastic, tennis, ice skating or golf school and ask what the fees are (not including travel) for kids to participate. The answer will provide you with one reason why there are so few African Americans involved with these sports… The poorest of kids are knocked out of the box at around 10 years old…that’s when the big bucks start to kick in to play at a level that could get you a scholarship for playing these sports, a place on the Olympic team or play professional… You have to pay to play to be in the mix.

What is with this Stephon “Starbury” stuff? Is that the same person whose mother named him Stephon Marbury?… This will certainly go a long way toward Coney Islands’ Finest being just one of the guys won’t it? Starbury rhymes with Marbury… yeah I get it.