Play Ball! Black Ball

Updated: March 30, 2008


105,300 fans watched

LA play Boston Saturday

night the largest crowd to

ever attend a Baseball game

it happened at the Coliseum

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the Dodgers move to Los Angeles where they first played in the cavernous Los Angeles Coliseum not built for Baseball to say the least. Saturday night on the still 40 man rosters this being a Spring Training Game there were a total of 4 African Americans in the Dugouts. 3 Dodgers and 1 Red Sox.

Back in 1958 the Boston Red Sox had yet to integrate. They would not until July, 1959, outfielder Pumpsie Green. The 1958 Dodgers were without Jackie Robinson who had retired before the Move and Roy Campanella was lost to a paralyzing auto accident. The ’58 Dodgers only Black player was Pitcher Don Newcombe.

Is that Progress 50 years later

NO it is not definitely not

Indeed were the Dodgers and Red Sox celebrating the 25th anniversary in 1983 there were far more African Americans playing MLB Baseball. In fact the early to mid-80s were the zenith of African Americans playing in the Majors. With the long deterioration taking place through the 1990s and continuing unabated into the 21st century.

So for our Opening Day Black Box

call it the latest chapter in our

Marcus Garvey Series

The theme we return to is the ABSOLUTE need for “radical” surgery to bring African Americans back into Baseball in a robust way and for the Long Haul. The White Boys aren’t going to do it for African Americans. EXCUSE US we get complaints every time we talk about White Boys. Let’s try again White Men are not going to do ANYTHING meaningful to bring African Americans back to Baseball.

Yesterday’s Box about the BS MLB Civil Rights Game proves it as well as anything. That event by definition should have included some announcement ANY announcement by Bud Selig and Major League Baseball about some NEW initiative MLB will begin in 2008 to attract young Black kids. THERE WAS NONE. Just more of the same.

It will be the same on the other BullShit so called African American tribute held every year April 15th. Jackie Robinson Day when Black players parade around wearing #42. GUARANTEED April 15, 2008, once again NO new programs will be announced.

Here’s an idea Bud ….

How about REQUIRING that each new MLB Pleasure Palace include a Baseball Academy for Inner City kids, and how about requiring that 5% of each of the 30 MLB team overall budgets go for Inner City programs to develop Baseball talent. They all have NO problem spending far more than 5% for Latin America Baseball Academies. AND HOW ABOUT THIS BUD FINALLY OPENING A SECOND USA BASEBALL ACADEMY this one on the East Coast in either New York City or Washington, DC.

And here’s another one …

MLB BROADCASTING has become a fabulous success for Baseball. A billion dollar asset all by itself owned collectively by MLB and all the teams. How about 5% of that Gold Mine being dedicated to Inner Cities and Minority Kids. FAT CHANCE !!

HYPOCRISY reigns in MLB Baseball

while some Clueless African Americans

APPLAUD Bud Selig and MLB

Here is the Alternative ….

YES the Box has a very positive message for Opening Day. It’s called SELF Determination and thinking INSIDE the Box. The only way African Americans will ever again insert themselves in Baseball is to learn the lessons of the Past. The single most glorious Sports success in African American history is and was the Negro Leagues.

The best Baseball America has ever seen.

The ONLY way African Americans ae going to FORCE improvement today and tomorrow is by entrepreneurs, specifically former Black Major Leaguers, combined with a search for athletically talented young African Americans from other Sports who can be convinced to play Baseball on one or more NEW Negro League teams. Black Touring Teams – compare them to the Harlem GlobeTrotters if you want we don’t –

One or more African American Baseball teams backed with enlightened Black and White venture money that will profit from the success of the team(s) and the players who go on to the Big Leagues that will play exhibition games against MLB teams, outstanding college teams, Minor League teams, Latin American teams, and and all comers putting on display the fact that there is lots of potential African American talent out there IF SOMETHING IS MOTIVATING that potential interest in Black Baseball.

Call it a racially charged scenario if you want but this is one that works very well. Have NO doubt African American teams that feature recently retired Black players and most of all talented young African Americans including those now languishing in the Minors with no real prospects playing for teams adopting names like the Washington Grays and Kansas City Monarchs playing games against MLB teams, Minor League teams, college teams will draw audiences both Black and White and will attract a BROADCAST audience be it on cable or better yet worldwide on the Internet just as MLB is doing more and more.

Major League Baseball and

ALL of Baseball is only

going to WAKE up to

AFRICAN Americans

in Baseball IF Africans

Americans make it happen

re-igniting the SPIRIT that

made the Negro Leagues

such a Big Success for years

it’s Time again to PLAY

BLACK Ball in America

Play Ball !!