‘Boobie’Shoots For The Moon

By Jerald L. Hoover
Updated: March 18, 2008

NEW YORK — He plays with a confidence and a swagger rarely seen from a player so young. Not to mention a player that was overlooked in the first round of the 2006 NBA 2006 Draft and wasn’t taken until the12th pick of the second round (42nd overall).

But, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson managed to play well in the NBA’s Summer League and sound enough in training camp to earn a spot on the team. Not much if anything was expected of him in his first season, that is until he shocked the basketball world during the Playoffs.

BASN: How did it feel to not be picked in the first round of the NBA Draft, did you feel that you had something to prove?

DANIEL GIBSON: Yes, you as a young player in general you always want to have something to prove. The fact that I wasn’t picked in the first round just made it that much more intense for me.

BASN: Your real coming out party was in last season’s Playoffs, what changed for you?

DG: Basically nothing, but of course the Playoffs are a lot different then the regular season. I just got into a groove and LeBron really looked my way whenever I was open. He had enough confidence in me to take and make shots.

BASN: Speaking of LeBron what is it like to play with him?

DG: Aw, man, it’s been great so far. LeBron is a great teammate.

BASN: LeBron recently said on nationwide television that he considers you his little brother. How does that make you feel?

DG: It makes me feel great to know that a guy of his caliber looks to me like that. It’s a great feeling. He really pushes me to be the best that I can be.

BASN: Who’s the best shooter on the Cavaliers team?

DG: (smiling) Besides me, I’d say Damon Jones.

BASN: You’re hurt right now (diagnosed with a sprained ankle a month ago and was scheduled to be out of action for 4 to 6 weeks), how’s your ankle coming along.

DG: It’s coming along fine. Trying to do what they (the doctor’s) tell me so that I can get back healthy and help my teammates fight for the Championship.

BASN: Are you able to do anything now?

DG: I’m able to do little things. I just want to get healthy.

BASN: During the All-Star festivities the Cavaliers really had a banner weekend.

DG: Yes, we had a good weekend with me winning the MVP for the Sophomore/Rookie Challenge and LeBron winning his second MVP award in the All-Star game.

BASN: The Cleveland fans must’ve been very proud of you two.

DG: Yes, they were. We got a good ovation. It was a proud moment for the fans and th franchise.

BASN: On television we could all see LeBron going crazy as you drained 3-pointer after 3-pointer after 3-pointer; you had eight in all.

DG: LeBron’s always in my corner no matter what. I knew he was happy but I couldn’t see to what extent as I tried to concentrate on the game.

BASN: Besides the Sophomore/Rookie Challenge, you also showed yourself pretty good in the 3-point Shootout.

DG: I came in second place. I lost to a great shooter in Jason (Kapono). Maybe next year I will be in it and win it.

BASN: Thanks a lot for your time and much success to you and the Cavs in the future.

DG: Thanks for having me.