Joy and Pain, Sunshine and Rain

By Tony McClean
Updated: January 5, 2008

NEW HAVEN, Ct. — With apologies to Frankie Beverly and Maze, looking back at the sports scene in 2007 reminds me a lot of a line from one of their most famous tune. For fans and journalists alike, there was plenty of joy and pain, plus sunshine and rain.

Now, I’m no singer. Just ask my friends or various folks who’ve driven by me in the summer trying to carry a tune. But I really think those lines said it best about a sports year that ran the gamut of emotions.

Lemme explain……..

Joy is…..Serena and Venus still taking the game of tennis to another level.

Pain is….The Knicks and their fans going through a nightly form of hoops from hell.

Sunshine is….Watching the development of Adrian “All Day” Peterson.

Rain is….In this case, “makin’ it rain”, which is what got Pacman’s ass in trouble from Jump Street.

Joy is…..The Thompsons embracing after John III clinched a trip to the Final Four.

Pain is….The cowardly and gutless way Don Imus went after the ladies from Rutgers.

Sunshine is….The emergence of Formula I racing star Lewis Hamilton
Rain is….The tears of Mets fans following a collapse of epic proportions.
Joy is…..Tony and Lovie reaching the Super Bowl
Pain is….Watching Division I-A football schools still treat black head coaches like second class citizens.

Sunshine is….Appalachian State tearing down the “Big House” in Ann Arbor.

Rain is….Saying goodbye to a legend like Eddie Robinson.

Joy is…..Watching the Spurs playing hoops the way it oughta be.

Pain is….The media not appreciating them or their silent assassin, Tim Duncan
Sunshine is….Watching the movie “Pride” and swelling with it at its ending.

Rain is….The tears from the lying eyes of Marion Jones.

Joy is…..Watching Randy Moss shut up his remaining critics.

Pain is….Seeing Romeo Crennel being left out of the postseason party.

Sunshine is….The continuing ascension of James Blake in the tennis world
Rain is….All the hype of an overrated and overexposed Danica Patrick.

Joy is…..LeBron proving that “playin’ in that pool” had something to do with beating Detroit.

Pain is….The mighty and public fall of Michael Vick.

Sunshine is….Journalists like Bryant Gumble “tellin’ it like it is” on HBO’s Real Sports.

Rain is….Alledged journalists like Jason Whitlock and Michael Wilbon selling their souls to mainstream media.

Joy is…..Cy Young Award winner C.C. Sabathia and MVP Jimmy Rollins.

Pain is….The declining number of African-Americans on and off the field in baseball.

Sunshine is….Seeing Tiger remain on the top of his game.

Rain is….Trying to put an asterisk on Barry’s record.
And finally…….

Joy is….Writing for the best sports website in the world.

And honestly, there’s NO PAIN in that.