This Is The End 2007

Updated: December 30, 2007


It was the best of years

It was the worst of years

It was an exciting year

It was a boring year or

was it none of the above

simply a typical year

you have to decide

for yourself

Here we might do a typical Feel Good Year End Box the kind of articles others write at this season. And if not we might go through a laundry list of Black athletes and their success and failures. But again others do that if not specifically concentrating on Black athletes. Rather let’s concentrate on just two Athletes.

For both of them 2007 was very painful. Deadly so for one of them. And the other sits in a prison to end the year. A more different surrounding than he or anyone else might have conceived one year ago today. In fact in their own ways a year ago both Sean Taylor and Michael Vick were on Top of their Worlds.

No neither was headed to the SuperBowl but on a personal level both enjoyed tremendous success maybe no one in all of Football than did Atlanta Falcons SuperStar Quarterback Michael Vick. Washington Redskins Safety Sean Taylor had not and never would reach Vick’s heights but he had no complaints about his career.

One year later Taylor’s body lies rotting 6 feet under and if many have their way Michael Vick will be buried alive never allowed to return to the NFL. His life over for all practical purposes. So what is the Point is there a message here.

Is the Box trying to be oh so philosophical

You decide but the fate of Taylor murdered in his own home during a botched burglary and dying almost unbelievable from a leg wound because the bullet severed an artery a rare occurrence – and formerly multi-millionaire Michael Vick rotting in jail because of his complete lack of judgment. Both of them seem to speak to all of us.

First the random unexpected events that shape every year of our lives as much as we may “be in control” or think we are the unexpected is always looming in the Darkness or in fairness in the Sunshine. Because while deadly twists of Fate get the attention whether as often or nor good things happen each year unexpectedly to many of us.

As for judgment and Michael Vick there is a salutary message for all of us. Actually two. First of all we are all prone to make DUMB mistakes because we fool ourselves into believing one thing is really something else. And second that we can AVOID them by being more honest with ourselves every day.

All Michael Vick had to do is tell himself the simplest logic imaginable that 1) dog fighting is illegal, 2) killing dogs even worse, 3) a SuperStar Black athlete doing both will eventually be caught, and 4) because of his notoriety he may well get treated more harshly than he should. So rather than being the toast of the NFL and possibly leading Atlanta into the post-season his life is in tatters because he did something that made no sense at all that he had FULL control not to do. But did.

Sean Taylor and

Michael Vick one

a victim of Fate

the other made

himself a Victim

think about them

both as you plan

your New Year

learn some very

Valuable Lessons

about both Fate and

our Bad Decisions

and you are more

likely to have a

Happy New Year

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