The Coaching Hypocrisy Remains The Same

By L.A. Batchelor
Updated: December 30, 2007

NORTH CAROLINA — On Saturday, December 30th The UCLA Bruins hired former alumnus and Rick Neuheisel to replace another alumnus, Karl Dorrell who was fired December 3rd after five seasons on the job.

The irony of the hiring is Dorrell caught two of Neuheisel’s scoring passes in UCLA’s 45-9 victory over Illinois in the 1984 Rose Bowl. Neuheisel was the starting quarterback and Rose Bowl MVP. The connection ends there but the hypocrisy continues in the world of college football.

How can The Bruins really justify this hire? How could the MAFIA (aka the NCAA) continue to turn their head to universities who continually ignore talented and able minority coaches for head coaching positions and hire white coaches with either no experience, no real success or a disgraceful, dishonest, dishonorable or dubious coaching past.

In my view, Mr. Neuheisel fits into the latter.

Neuheisel was fired in the summer of 2003 from the University of Washington for participating in a neighborhood pool for the NCAA Basketball Tournament. He first denied the accusation to investigators before admitting to it after consultation with school officials.

How could a University trust a man who clearly violates NCAA rules and then misleads investigators to further hide the truth? Can you actually tell me there are no minority coaches available right now who would have been better candidates for the UCLA Head coaching position.

Dennis Green coached at Stanford, Ron Rivera played in the Pac-10, Doug Williams did a solid job at Grambling State and what about Norm Chow, one of the great minds behind the success of the Bruins biggest rivalry — the Trojans of USC.

The justification of hiring Neuheisel couldn’t possibly be based on the fact he’s been an assistant coach in the NFL because all the qualified candidates I mentioned have similar experience including Dorrell who spent time in Denver with the Broncos. Green’s resume is even more attractive because he’s been a head coach in The NFL.

Neuheisel said he took full responsibility for his past errors in judgment, and assured Guerrero and other UCLA officials that he’d learned from his mistakes. “They have my complete, unequivocal promise that this will never happen again,” he said.

Guerrero said Neuheisel’s problems at Washington and Colorado were a concern during interviewing process, but added, “They happened 5-10 years ago. I think he’s much wiser and more mature. I don’t think it’s going to be an issue at all at UCLA.”

So all you have to do is say “I promise not to do it again” and that’s it? You get the job? Give me a break. That’s like a bank robber telling the police give me another chance and I promise not to do it again. Of course the robber proclaims his new found honesty because he was apprehended.

So why Neuheisel? Why the continued snub and brush off of a minority candidate? The answer is simple for those who understand and realize the injustice that exist and made to be as complicated as opponents for change would like you to believe.

The real truth and reality is alumni and boosters who finance most universities along with Athletic Directors and other school officials still believe minorities in particular African Americans lack the knowledge, intelligence and leadership ability to be a HEAD COACH especially at the Division I level.

It’s ok to hire them (minorities) as a head coach at a Division II or HBCU school but not on what is deemed as a “big time” program.

The other actuality is like in everyday America, some whites feel more comfortable working and interacting with those who look like them. It’s almost like today’s political scene.

Some whites will vote for Hillary, McCain or Huckabee because they are “one of us” (i.e., white woman, southern, conservative, etc), some blacks will vote for Barack Obama because he’s “one of us (i.e., black) and some Hispanics or Latinos will even vote for Governor Bill Richardson because he’s “one of us”(i.e., Latino/Hispanic).

We choose comfortability rather than morality in some cases in life daily and the lack of minority head football coaches in Division I college football is no exception.

What I find equally as unfair and disturbing is when given the opportunity to hire a white male for a head coaching job in the lower division levels in college athletics or at HBCU’S, the percentage is much more fair and balanced.

Yeah I know, The NCAA has no control over the hiring of coaches at any school or university but did they ever hear of words like “pressure” or “programs”? The MAFIA GROUP can’t dictate the hire but through their power, can certainly influence it in the interest of fairness and justice.

In the end, UCLA will want you to believe the hiring of Rick Neuheisel was based on some measure of success as a college coach and because he is an alumnus of the school. All legitimate reasons under normal circumstances in fair situations. This is obviously not one of those.

The struggle continues.