The American Judicial System And Flies

By Desi Cortez
Updated: December 13, 2007
DENVER — So, my lovely wife, a dog lover of the highest magnitude, who believes no dog is an “outside dog” asks me “Honey, when Mike Vick gets out of the big house, can he get a hunters license?”

Can he get a Fishing license, have a leather wallet, wear shoes, eat steak, grill a little Salmon, buy a new leather couch…..?” Oh, the hypocrisy in it all.

Please note, the ol’ ball and chain — is a true dog lover in the real Ellie May Clampett sense of the word. Her childhood dog is buried in her folks backyard and she keeps the flowers watered.

I last saw her cry — when we had to put our seven-year-old, 125-pound Bull Mastif ‘Rocco” to sleep three years ago. Understand we’ve buried human beings from our immediate family in that same time span, my wife didn’t shed a tear. But when the dog died — Niagara Falls.

Nevertheless, she’s truly astonished with the voracity in which the animal-lover organizations have circled like sharks with blood in the water, and have been able to draw a nation of meat eatin’ hunters and fisherman onto their band wagon.

Let’s not lose site of the fact that these PETA folk (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are vastly Liberals, Democrats, i.e. flower children, earth people, who’d rather march and protest the in-human treatment of Big Foot, Flipper, Lassie or Yogi than the Jena 6.

How many of these “protectors of the underdog” have ever placed their asses on the pavement in the name of civil and humane treatment for Blacks, Indians, Mexicans, workers or women.

Don’t ask these tree-hugging hippes – supposedly Black folk’s friends, our social allies – to pick between running into a burning house to save the Black baby, or the Cocker Spaniel puppy, these nuts have got one hell-of-a-dilemma on their paws.

Their fanaticism is foolishly misplaced, their priorities – upside down. As far as I can tell, they’re full of bull chips.

Look, Vick played himself, he recklessly risked his livelihood and lifestyle… to fight dogs, but I honestly don’t wonder why barbarians, in a crude, primitive endeavor like football, the simulation of war – like to watch animals fight to the death.

In the same breath; I don’t wonder why so many Caucasian players in the NFL, MLB, NHL and NASCAR dads… stalk innocent prey, blow Bullwinkle’s head off, and call it a sport.

They roudly mount Rudolph’s head, red nose and all, on their den walls. It’s the nature of man, the feel of the American landscape. This is a bloodthirsty nation, born out of bloodshed.

But the Vick case has that feel of Coke versus Crack. Different strokes, different laws, a different justice…. for different folks. The outrage is fake for many, an excuse to end the career of a man who folks forget, was the most polarizing figure in the NFL before the FBI let dead dogs lie.

Here was a player who had the potential to re-define the Quarterback position – to a level where, like receiver, defensive back and running back, the white guy – simply can’t compete at this position. His skills don’t allow him to play QB.

Talk about every dog having his day, poetic justice…

The treatment of Vick, from the calls to shoot him at dawn and “skin-him” alive is reflective of how this nation functioned for almost 400 years when it came to how Black folks were treated. Its no secret lynching’s were social “bring your popcorn” events where you brought the kids and grandma to witness. True ?

The USA has demonstrated a propensity to treat Black people in an over-the-top, excessive pile-on manner. This nation’s population has had a hard time accepting people of color, accepting our lives are as meaningful and valuable as that of the average white person.

Vick, Bonds and O.J. are treated in this same harsh fashion, but, only because of “progress” they can’t be strung up from a tree, so, the court of public opinion and the conservative courts of the American judicial system are restrained, all they can do is throw-the-book-at-them, politically and socially assassinate them, strip them of their material wealth, incarcerate them, break them as men.

On all-so-many levels, this case reeks of sanctimoniousness holier-than-thou lip-service being paid on the behalf of an alleged nation of animal lovers, attempting to mask their racism and envy behind Rin-Tin-Tin. But, let’s not limit our comparing of Vick’s crime to that of the Great White Hunter, let’s look at it from another perspective which has mystified and distressed me.

Travis Henry, the Denver Bronco running back, who’s — now check this out — has produced nine different children, from nine different women, in nine different states, and not paid what can be deemed reasonable child support on a consistent basis, for any of them, for any length of time.

Nonetheless, this gigolo is still permitted to done an NFL uniform. He was still allowed to qualify as a player of the week, MVP of his team or conference, even work his way onto a box of Wheaties. Yet, Vick is in jail for animal cruelty.

Ain’t that about a bitch…?

What about cruelty to humans? Babies? This fails to upset America? NFL Commissioner Goodell is somehow able to diminish, play down, apparently excuse Henry’s reckless penis, talk about the kids Vick let down, but somehow ignore Henry’s contribution to fatherless black children.

What is a greater ill, a larger detriment to the overall condition of the nation – dog fighting or Black children growing up in fatherless homes? If we could solve both, which would have the most visible impact on this country?

OK, logically we understand the aftermath caused by both these crimes against civilization and their impact on society, so why doesn’t Comish Goodell? Can he be oblivious to the weight and gravity of the critical situation fatherless children are born into?

Could he be indifferent to the plight of the Black Family? Gee, I’d argue most of the sports media is. I’d wager most journalists and broadcasters find themselves sympathetic to the party of pissed off paranoid men……Republicans. Translation. They don’t give a damn.

I can only conclude; the lives of Black children aren’t as important or valuable to the average American sports fan or US citizen … that of a German Shepard. And to add insult to an injustice, the NFL attempted to throw Ol’Henry out for smokin’ a J, because after all, that’s a greater infraction than abandoning Black babies…

The league will allow a player to desert, abandon 9 babies, leave them to be wards of the state, as if that’s acceptable behavior, and condone his antics by allowing Henry to still wear the uniform, while condemning Vick for dog fighting.

The lynching of Mike Vick, leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth, as if Vick’s paying the dues for all young Black men. It’s like this nation leaped at the opportunity to lynch-a-nigger, a big shot one at that. And people, who knew not a damn thing about football, went on the war-path.

Today, they celebrate by posting Vick’s decapitated head on the bridge which leads into town, in an attempt to send a direct message to young Black men – We hate you. We despise most everything about you. The way you walk, talk, dress….date our maidens. The way you dominate on the field-of-athletic competition.

My spider-senses detected such hate when Judge Hanson denied Vick’s request to enter the court room in a suit and tie. Why? What was the motivation behind that? To paint and taint Vick to the up-tenth degree? To stripe away what’s left of his dignity? It seem’s like there’s a message in Vicks case, a statement in his sentencing. Get back in your place …boy.

I can’t even imagine how Vick would’ve been treated…. had he killed a human being, god forbid a White girl.

I was left puzzled when federal prosecutor Michael Gill explained that in addition to the deception on drugs and executions, Vick “had made a calculated effort to hide the truth” on four other issues in interviews with federal agents.

All I could think of was Scooter Libby, the assistant to Vice President, Dick Cheney – who lied to a grand jury about outing a CIA agent, Valerie Plame. He was sentenced to 30 months, but before he could serve time, Little Lord Flat-Bush pardoned the bum.

My head’s twisted like a 7 week old puppy: wow, we’ve got a President who lied to the American public about “why” American troops are in Iraq. Lied about 9/11, lies about the gas crisis, lied about terrorist threats, lied about wanting to save Hurricane Katrina victims and lied about torturing Iraqi prisoners, lies about the piss-poor condition of the American economy. And, he’s still in the White House.

Call me nuts, but it sure seems White America is highly selective in the enforcement of their so-called high standards, morals and values. And, the obvious fact – Black folks are held to the highest levels of the law, and the book is thrown at Blacks whenever the opportunity presents itself.