New Year Goals 2008 First Of A Series Free Michael Vick

Updated: December 31, 2007


Screw New Year’s Resolutions

they mean nothing IF you are

serious set GOALS for the year

as we will in the coming days

and weeks yes ambitious some

will say unrealistic or even

IMPOSSIBLE that will

never deter us

Why begin with Michael Vick. A formerly pampered super-wealthy athlete who few now have sympathy for. BECAUSE IT HIGHLIGHTS THE HYPOCRISY IN AMERICAN SPORTS SO WELL. In a way this goal is not ultimately about Michael Vick as an individual but a symbol of how American society operates.

We begin with the ABSOLUTE conviction

Had this situation involved Tom Brady or Peyton Manning – we could go on and on listing other names – but if Brady or Manning had been accused and yes found guilty of the very same crimes the different treatment they would have received would be AMAZING except if you understand how POWER works in America.

And around the world for that matter. The fact is most Americans are idiots about POWER while most Americans are victimized by POWER every day of their lives. Indeed many Americans worship those with POWER who are screwing them in all sorts of ways.

Here is what would have happened to Brady or Manning …

a carefully choreographed show

If anything NFL Commissioner Goodell would have been even more stinging in condemning Brady or Manning not so that they would get more jail time. Just the opposite My Fellow Americans. THE CONDEMNATION WOULD BE OFFERED AS THE PUNISHMENT they would be forced to endure. Momentary humiliation. Likewise on the part of the owner of the Patriots or Colts. Statements of OUTRAGE.

Then after very expensive careful coaching

Brady or Manning would appear before a HUGE media hoard organized by the NFL and with tears in their eyes they would break down and admit they had been idiots that there is NO defense for what they did … that they deserve whatever punishment society demands of them and most of all they apologize to Sports Fans across America

Then the next step ..

Their Act of Contrition would be front page news in papers and on tv across America and sympathy for them would be cultivated ever so carefully in major media like The New York Times and they would “await” (sic) their indictment by Federal prosecutors Animal rights activist would condemn them and they would be “broken men” then ……

Just before an Indictment is expected Commissioner Goodell would come before a packed media hoard again and announce WE ARE A FORGIVING PEOPLE AND WHILE WHAT TOM OR PEYTON DID IS REPREHENSIBLE we can’t justify destroying their lives. They have too much talent and I have met with Tom or Peyton and WE PRAYED TOGETHER and they deserve forgiveness …….

Then some prominent leaders

religious and political

Will add their voices for FORGIVENESS and say putting Tom or Peyton in jail will accomplish nothing rather the off-season they should be made to travel the nation as the spokesperson condemning violence against animals. THEN MAGICALLY PETA – who were Vick’s uncompromising prosecutors – if it were Brady or Manning would graciously accept a $5 Million donation for their work with the NFL, the Patriots or Colts and Brady or Manning all contributing to the pot then ….

PETA would announce YES forgiveness is in our nature and Brady or Manning have admitted their sins and we PETA urge the government not to prosecute them. Allow them to provide public service instead and put them on warning if they are ever guilty of such “bad behavior” ever again there would be no mercy …..


Would have been should Brady or Manning be barred from the NFL for a time and Commissioner Goodell would announce after an INDEPENDENT (sic) panel considered that option they recommended NO suspension that Brady or Manning appearing before hostile fans Sunday after Sunday is enough PUNISHMENT ……

so Sports Fans face REALITY

if you can deal with the


through our society

if it were Brady or

Manning right now

they would be resting

in luxurious settings

for their play-off games

in a week and a half but

Michael Vick instead

is ROTTING in Jail

because that is how


in America

Black Power is a Bad Joke

White Power is the Real Deal



let him play in 2008

our first goal for

the new year stay

tuned for more ….

we’ve just begun

wishing you a

SMART thoughtful

New Year that you

begin to really


The Game

Whenever you want to reach us withcomments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box…….