Why The Boston Celtics Won’t Win The NBA Title

By Eric Williams
Updated: November 18, 2007

Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray AllenPHILADELPHIA — Despite being a lifelong Boston Celtics fan, I guess I feel a bit like George Washington did many, many years ago – I cannot tell a lie.

The Celtics, even after adding superstars, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to go along with their own longtime resident star, Paul Pierce, will not … repeat, not, win the NBA title in 2007-08.

I know many Celtics fans who are enjoying the early season resurgence of the most legendary franchise in pro basketball history, (myself included), will not like what they are reading — and may disagree vehemently — but the fact of the matter is that the Celtics, for all of their wonderful additions, have several factors working against them in the quest to win an NBA championship this season.

Here is a look at all of the reasons why I believe it will be at least another season or two before the Celtics hoist their league-leading 17th NBA championship banner.

Point Guard

Everyone knows that the Celtics are starting second-year player Rajon Rondo at the point and that Rondo is entering his first full season as a starter after showing flashes of brilliance occasionally in his rookie season last year.

My worries about Rondo are simple — and legitimate. Can he hit the outside jump shot enough to keep his man honest? Will he crumble under the immense pressure of the playoffs? Will Rondo be able to stop the likes of Chauncey Billups or Jason Kidd if they meet in the postseason?

These are very legitimate questions that only time will provide the answers to. However, if you ask me, I can’t see Rondo staying with Kidd, Billups, or God forbid the Celtics reach the Finals, either Tony Parker or Steve Nash.


I won’t even waste much time talking about injuries except to say that if any of Boston’s new ‘Big Three’ goes down with a significant injury, the Celtics’ season could turn out to be a disaster instead of the dream season it currently looks like.

The Celtics have a rookie power forward, (Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis), behind Garnett and a shooting guard who plays the backup point guard spot in dead-eye shooter Eddie House. Even though Boston has James Posey, a solid veteran at small forward, to back up Pierce, Posey’s strengths are at the defensive end of the floor and the drop-off in scoring would be a significant loss to the Boston’s offense.


Just like a donut, the Celtics have a big hole in the middle of their lineup — at least at the offensive end of the floor.

Boston’s starting center, Kendrick Perkins, is mediocre at best and a definite liability on offense. Say what you want about the ‘Big Three’s,’ amazing talent, all I’m going to say is that former Celtics great, Robert Parish could likely come out of retirement and school Perkins right now.

Lack of Time Playing Together

Now I won’t say it’s never happened, because it has occasionally, but throughout my three decades-plus of watching and later — reporting — on pro basketball, I have rarely seen teams win an NBA title that haven’t played together while developing team chemistry for at least a couple of seasons.

I can recall a few teams winning the title through this type of strategy, but generally, teams that hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy at season’s end have been through more than a few wars together.


I’ve got to keep it real and admit that I can see the Celtics reaching the NBA Finals this season if everything goes just perfectly for them, but no way do I see them winning the tile this season.

As a matter of fact, I’m going to say the Celtics fall just short of reaching the NBA Finals by losing to the Detroit Pistons 4-2 in the eastern conference finals.

Despite being a Celtics fan that goes all the way back to the John Havlicek, Jo-Jo White, and Dave Cowens eras, I say it’s better luck next year for my beloved C’s.