BGBA, Inc. Creates A Virtual Highway

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: November 18, 2007

Founder/President Mark Brown

Founder/President Mark Brown

MIAMI — “We are just cool people, doing cool things, in cool places,” says Mark “The Untamed Hog” Brown, Founder and President of Black Global Bikers Association, Inc. (BGBA), based out of Miami, Florida.

“There are a lot of African American riders on the road; however, we didn’t know one another. Furthermore, there were no worldwide associations or clubs that were web-based where we could connect.”

Having a love for motorcycles and the advantage of technology, Black Global Bikers Association, Inc. was officially kicked into gear June 2006 and hasn’t stopped rolling, launching the premiere website

The website is an exciting “Global Highway” that is a one of a kind information powerhouse. The interactive site links members worldwide with photo galleries, calendar of events, news, stories, history, a message board, and many other exciting features.

It’s a worldwide meet and greet! They have recently introduced their new clothing line, called “Global Gear and Wear.” It’s their signature line and lets folks know you are part of the BGBA family.

BGBA was created to provide that fresh, innovative worldwide link that connects all who share in the love of motorcycles to a culture and lifestyle that defines coolness, like no other.

The association is inclusive and unique because members are club affiliated, independent riders or non-riders who are motorcycle curious. It makes no difference as long as you’re cool!

They are a preeminent association whose members exemplify an evolved generation of motorcycle enthusiasts from days gone by, and today! It’s “Old School Funk and New School Flava With a Twist Of Cool!”

BGBA is committed to Economic Empowerment, Community Awareness, Riding For a Purpose, Increasing Riding Skills and Riding For Fun. An example of promoting Economic Empowerment is by supporting and patronizing minority businesses worldwide.

They have developed promotional packages so businesses can increase patronage by advertising on our site. They make their business our business!

Motorcycling is a unique blend, of culture, bikes and people, mixing traditions of the past, infused with present day style. Imagine motorcycles with two wheels or three that have compact disk and mp3 players with sound systems that rival any car!

They have televisions, satellite radios, navigational systems, and cruise control and even ice chests. Oh and the riding gear; shoes to stilettos, outfits designed to match the motorcycle colors, suits of leather and suede no matter what your taste – it’s all there!

The culture is surreal, the lifestyle is unique and the coolness is undeniable. You’re never too old, or too anything, in fact, our 2 newest members are 18 and 70!

This is a worldwide invitation from Mark “The Untamed Hog” Brown, Founder and President of Black Global Bikers Association, Inc. to everyone to “Come Ride With Us”.

Your $40 membership package includes unlimited access to the exciting new website, our trademark signature embossed T-Shirt, our detailed embroidered patch and a one of a kind sticker. We ask you: How Cool Is That?

NOTE: For more information, visit; call us at 1-877-377-0396 , 786-506-5596 or write to Black Global Bikers Association, Inc. P.O. Box 380963, Miami, Florida 33138.