Wake Up Mangini

Updated: October 31, 2007


YES whatever it takes we will write as many

Black Boxes as it takes

to CONVINCE Mangini

he is looking in ALL

the wrong places for

his Quarterback

of the Future or prove

that Eric Mangini is

nothing but a


We all know the basic facts if you know anything about the New Jersey Jets. If you don’t we have been vindicated having long ago unmasked Chad Pennington for the “masquerading” Starting Quarterback he has only been. Here’s a Question we should have asked yesterday. What is the one day of the year Chad Pennington should be allowed to dress up as a Starting Quarterback ??

Answer …


Anyway if you don’t know after the Jersey Jets have amassed a phenomenal 1-7 record under the “leadership” ( sic sic sic ) of Chad Pennington FINALLY Head Coach Eric Mangini “says” he is turning elsewhere for a new and effective Starting Quarterback. Mangini “says” his man is New Man is Kellen Clemens who is likely to be no more effective.

Who is the Jets QUARTERBACK

Eric Mangini NEVER mentions

as a Starting Quarterback

make that NEVER mentions

at all unless forced

Eric his name is


Now get this you have to appreciate the full dimensions of the situation and it will be unavoidable to begin to contemplate the RACIST label for Eric Mangini unless he is taking orders from owner WOODY Johnson who turns out to be the Racist – in – Disguise. The point is this both Clemens and Smith are second year pros out of college where both Quarterbacked. GUESS WHO WAS THE FAR MORE IMPRESSIVE COLLEGE QUARTERBACK. Hint. It wasn’t Kellen Clemens.

Now here is the Bizarre Reality ….

While Clemens is ONLY listed as a QB

Brad Smith has been forced to accept

a designation as a part time receiver

not even officially listed on the roster


But get this rather than the New Jersey Jets carrying a third full time Quarterback with Pennington and Clemens as most teams do Mangini decided he could better use that roster spot and be comfortable with Brad Smith as a non listed Backup Quarterback. The result Smith gets the short end of the stick twice as difficult as that is. He is and isn’t a Quarterback.

THINK about it Sports Fans

why with two acclaimed

second year Quarterbacks

both drafted the same year

on his roster after dumping

Pennington WHY isn’t

Mangini saying BOTH

Clemens AND Smith

ae going to compete

to be the NEW


Starting Quarterback

In fact the further we get into this Box the closer we are getting to NOT giving Mangini the benefit of the doubt because this really is looking like an unbridled case of unacknowledged RACISM on the part of Mangini and the Jets. Let’s add another point. Although nothing has been said yet expect that if Clemens does no better than Pennington the next thing we will hear out of Mangini’s mouth and the New Jersey Jets loving New York media is that the Jets will use their very very early First Draft Choice in 2008 to draft another ( White ) QUARTERBACK.

Now look at this ‘amazing’ quote

by Eric Mangini about Brad Smith

in the NY Daily News 10/14/07

Asked what sets Smith apart and enables him to wear so many hats so effectively, Mangini said, “It’s the same thing that enabled him to be a captain as a sophomore in college (at Missouri) and to do all the things that he did and to accomplish all those things and be as humble as he is.”

( substitute screwed for humble )

What is so amazing ???

Mangini is referring to a player who STARTED at Quarterback for FOUR years at Missouri NEVER playing another position with the most impressive record as Quarterback in the entire history of Missouri while Mangini is only using him as a part time Wide Receiver, keeping him available as QB if there is no one else left to turn to AND ABSOLUTELY REFUSING TO GIVE HIM ANY CHANCE OF REPLACING PENNINGTON AS THE NEW JETS STARTING QUARTERBACK !!

Have you digesting all that


In college, Smith became the first Division I-A player EVER to pass for at least 8,000 yards and run for 4,000 yards.


you already now know


NO chance of becoming

the NEW Jets Quarterback

you say of course it’s not

RACISM then you tell

us what it is …….

the fact is it is a pattern

that has DESTROYED

Promising Black Quarterbacks

for generation after generation

head coaches forcing them

to play another position

something that NEVER

happens to White Quarterbacks

but it is happening to Brad Smith

one of the finest if not the finest

college Quarterback in America

during his 4 years at Missouri

so Mangini IF you are

NOT a Racist



End of Story

Case Closed

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