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Updated: October 30, 2007


Believe it or not $160 Million is still

a LOT of Money

It is the reported amount of the severance pay the CEO of Merrill Lynch will received as a result of his forced resignation. Following his firm losing BILLIONS in the Sub Prime Scandal ( well it should be called what it is a SCANDAL ). Anyway …..

The Question is OR should be what next for the most successful African American corporate executive of a Major Firm. YES we have the Answer. Why else would we be writing about Mr. O’Neal. And don’t we ALWAYS have the Answer in the Box time and again.

Of course there is a Problem

and let’s tackle that First

We can assume Mr. O’Neal does not have the passion for Sports we have and more to the point does not appreciate the unrealized VALUE ( something he can appreciate ) of Sports for the African American community in general and many individuals personally.

We will bet ….

Mr. O’Neal is like Bill Cosby, and Oprah Winfrey and so many other “leaders” in the African American community who deride the place of Sports in the Black community. And if it were up to some of them anyway Sports would completely disappear and as a result the African American community would rise to new heights of Success.

Call it the Dumb and Dumber Argument

because that is all it is

Rather than Sports being a Burden to the Black community as some well placed Brothers and Sisters Believe in fact SPORTS holds an almost infinite reserve of unrealized success and power. Walking away from it would be like an Arabian Sheik walking away from a huge oil well.

The problem is …

African Americans are really only allowed a very narrow sliver of success in Sports in America. IF African Americans were allowed the same kind of access they are as basketball and football players to every aspect of those Sports and the many many more Blacks have no success – given the always talked about but never provided Level Playing Field – Blacks would Soar.

Which brings us to Stanley O’Neal

as you should have expected

O’Neal in his mid-fifties has the potential to do literally anything he wants in his post Merrill Lynch life and with his Diamond Parachute all the resources he needs. Even more he has what our society VALUES most highly of all CELEBRITY. Anywhere he goes he is recognized. Anytime he raises his voice he will be noticed and listened to very carefully

Want to bet what he will do …..

The very same kind of things other CEOs in his position have. Get another big new corporate job, or go on the speaking circuit, or write a book, or hook up with a major influence selling firm in NYC or DC. And /or of course he will lavish luxury on himself. Build a new mansion. Travel the world in a private jet. Savor the world’s finest wines.

What he will NOT be expected to do

Is devote himself to a project and a business that will BENEFIT the African American community. But we are not going to let him get away without making it very public that is one of his opinions and the very best for him to pursue.

And you know what comes next from so many Boxes and today’s above. O’Neal using his CELEBRITY on behalf of African Americans in Sports would be a singular opportunity for O’Neal to pursue. He could have more positive impact over the next few years than ANY African American ever has opening up new pathways for African Americans to develop in Sports.

We could give you a whole list of possible projects. And you may have your own list. But put ours and yours aside. There is ONE venture Stanley O’Neal could seize IF he would that tops all the others. DEVELOPING A BILLION DOLLAR VENTURE FUND specifically to provide cash and resources to a multitude of African American initiatives and enterprises in Sports.

In fact Mr. O’Neal if you make the right decision

form African American Sports Fund

please give us your new email

Black Athlete Sports Network

should be FIRST on the list

bring it right HERE

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….