BASN’s NBA Previews: A Look At The Seattle Sonics

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: October 31, 2007

Seattle SonicsSEATTLE — If I said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. In Oklahoma there are only three things of importance, and not necessarily in the order; God, Football and Sonics owner Clay Bennett.

The question is no longer if the Seattle Sonics are leaving but when and if the courts are going to uphold the lease that keeps them in Key Arena until 2010. The sad thing about this whole situation is that the fans in this city love basketball and has supported this franchise for years.

I’ve never been to a city where you can drive in any direction and see a basketball court or goal every three miles. For a city where it allegedly rains every other day I think that’s amazing.

Well, Clay Bennett is taking his lumps right about now and I don’t think that he has any warm and fuzzy feelings for former owner Howard Schultz either. All Starbucks Coffee and anything with the logo have been pulled out of the arena.

Here’s a look at the Sonics by position:


To be honest the whole team is just about made up of guards. Earl Watson will be running the point. When this guy is on he can really makes things happen for his teammates but he will need to show some consistency this season or Delonte West is going to still the show. The Kevin Durant era begins and lets just see if he lives up to the hype and handle the pressure of being, “the man”. The kid has a sweet jumper indeed but if you take the ball out of his hands the threat is gone due to his small frame.


Chris Wilcox is not be messed with after coming off a break out season last year averaging 13.5 points and 7.7 rebounds last season and having a productive preseason, look for him to receive All-Star considerations. Damien Wilkins has spent a lot of time in the off season working on his jump shot and has been given the opportunity to contribute. Plays have been drawn up for him rather than having to work so hard on the defensive side.


Nick Collison will split duties at the center / forward position due to the woes of Robert (the red menace) Swift. Collison is a throw back; nothing flashy about him just smart heads up play and total effort every game. Kurt Thomas may provide some key minutes but a healthy Robert Swift can change everything.


Delonte West and Luke Ridnour will be competing feverishly for minutes and both are important to the success of the Sonics. Either can come off the bench and change the tempo or contribute offensively.


It just depends on the day and the aliment of the moon. Mickael Gelabale has shown flashes of brilliance and then sort of fades out. Jeff Green is hungry and could work himself into a starting role before the season ends.


Coach P.J. Carlisemo is one of the best teachers in the game and if these players listen to him, Coach Carlisemo will have them playing far beyond what they could’ve imagine for themselves this year.