The List That Does Not Lie

Updated: September 29, 2007



Business Week Magazine

is an authoritative source

of the most important

men and women

in Sports

IF only because their list appears in their well respected publication which makes it important. Another example of the endless wonders of Circular Logic. But no matter whose list it might be or the endless variations that might be produced ONE basic fact will remain true in all of them. The marginalized place of African Americans on these lists and again BW offers a perfect example. Circularity !

There are 10 African Americans on the list of 100 if you include Derek Jeter.

7 of the 10 are active Black athletes who are on the list because of their athletic prowess and the amount of income it has produced for them.

The other 3 are former Black athletes. Two of them are now successful businessmen but not within the Sports Industry. The ONLY African American on the List in a position of “power” in Sports is Gene Upshaw, chairman of the NFL players association. And Upshaw’s credentials as an African American leader in Sports is very much open to challenge he being very very cozy with the NFL.

The Point is …..

The BW 100 LIst is loaded with real POWER “players.” Those who actually run the Sports Industry in America. Commissioners, owners, broadcast and merchandise top executives.


Not even One …..

Of the other 90 on the List who are NOT African American ONLY 11 of the 90 are athletes. The vast MAJORITY of the 90 others are DECISION MAKERS in Sports controlling pro and college league and business functions in the American Sports Industry.

#1 on the list is Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner.

If we were to define the Commissioner of the NFL as the most important “position” in American Sports by definition well it could easily be 100 years if ever before we see an African American making the # 1 ranking.

Of course YES

who is #2

TIGER WOODS. Who else. Which even makes the point of today’s Box even better. Far and away the African American ALWAYS rated the highest on any of these Lists is Tiger Woods. Who could have vast power as an AFRICAN American in Sports but never will because he does not want to be AFRICAN American. And while Tiger is the only African American in the top 10 OF COURSE next and just missing at # 11 is Michael Jordan who is just like Tiger.

Here is an interesting point about Tiger …..

In the context of this story. Even when his professional golfing days are over he will continue to be near the top of these list of the Power 100 in Sports but because he is so RICH not for any other reason. Certainly not for reforming and improving Golf let alone the POWER structure in Sports any more than Michael Jordan.

Here is the entire BW Power 100 List

read it and WEEP

1. Roger Goodell Commissioner, NFL 2. Tiger Woods Golfer 3. David Stern Commissioner, NBA 4. George Bodenheimer President, ESPN, ABC Sports; 5. Bud Selig Commissioner, MLB 6. Brian France Chairman, CEO NASCAR 7. Dick Ebersol Chairman, NBC Universal Sports & Olympics 8. Phil Knight Chairman, Nike 9. Sean McManus President, CBS News and Sports 10. Rupert Murdoch Chairman, CEO, News Corp.

11. Michael Jordan Mgr. Member of Basketball Oper., Bobcats 12. Scott Boras President, Boras Corp.

13. Peyton Manning Quarterback, Indianapolis Colts 14. David Hill Chairman, CEO, Fox Sports 15. Donald Fehr Union boss, MLB 16. Myles Brand President, CEO, NCAA 17. David Beckham Soccer star 18. Jacques Rogge President, IOC 19. LeBron James Forward, Cleveland Cavaliers 20. Tony Ponturo VP, Global Media & Marketing, Anheuser-Busch 21. Phil Anschutz Founder, Anschutz Entertainment Group 22. Herbert Hainer Chairman, CEO, Adidas 23. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. NASCAR driver 24. Brian Roberts Chairman, CEO, Comcast 25. George Steinbrenner Principal Owner, New York Yankees 26. Theodore Forstmann Chairman, CEO, IMG 27. Gary Bettman Commissioner, NHL 28. Alex Rodriguez Third baseman, New York Yankees 29. Joseph S. Blatter President, FIFA 30. Roger Federer Tennis player 31. Jim Delany Commissioner, Big Ten Conference 32. Dick Pound Chairman, World Anti-Doping Agency 33. Gene Upshaw Chairman, NFLPA 34. Tim Finchem Commissioner, PGA 35. Lance Armstrong Cyclist 36. John Skipper EVP, content, ESPN 37. Mark Parker CEO, President, Nike 38. David Levy President, Turner Sports, Inc.

39. Barry Bonds Outfielder, San Francisco Giants 40. Daniel Snyder Owner, Washington Redskins 41. Derek Jeter Shortstop, New York Yankees 42. Tim Leiweke President, CEO, Anschutz Entertainment Group 43. Paul Allen Owner, Seattle Seahawks, Portland TrailBlazers 44. Robert DuPuy President, COO, MLB 45. LaDainian Tomlinson Running back, San Diego Chargers 46. Tim Brosnan EVP for business, MLB 47. Jerry Reinsdorf Owner, Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox 48. Larry Lucchino President, CEO, Boston Red Sox 49. Ed Goren President, FOX Sports 50. Mark Cuban Owner, Dallas Mavericks 51. Mark Ford President, Sports Illustrated Group 52. Bob Bowman President, CEO, MLB Advanced Media 53. Jerry Jones Owner, Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Desperados 54. Roger Penske Owner, Penske Racing 55. Chase Carey CEO, president, DirecTV 56. Jeff Gordon NASCAR driver 57. Bernie Ecclestone Head of Formula 1 58. Jeff Urban SVP, sports marketing, Gatorade/PepsiCo.

59. George Pyne President, IMG Sports and Entertainment 60. Omar Minaya EVP of Baseball Operations, General Manager, NY Mets 61. Sidney Crosby Center, Pittsburgh Penguins 62. Jack Roush Founder, CEO, Roush Fenway Racing 63. Ross Greenburg CEO, HBO Sports 64. Robert Kraft Owner, Chairman, CEO New England Patriots 65. John Henry Principal Owner, Boston Red Sox; Roush Fenway Racing 66. John Walsh SVP, executive editor, ESPN Internet Group 67. Katie Bayne Chief Marketing Officer, Coca-Cola North America 68. Eric Grubman EVP, finance and strategic acquisitions, NFL 69. John Galloway VP, sports and media, Pepsi North America 70. Tom Brady Quarterback, New England Patriots 71. Tony Hawk Skateboarding tycoon 72. Mark Steinberg SVP and global managing director of golf, IMG 73. Maria Sharapova Tennis player 74. Tony Stewart NASCAR driver 75. The Maloof Family Owners, Sacramento Kings, Sacramento Monarchs 76. Arnold Palmer PGA legend 77. Randy Levine President, New York Yankees 78. Shaquille O’Neal Center, Miami Heat 79. Casey Wasserman Chairman, CEO, Wasserman Media Group 80. James Dolan Chairman, MSG; President, CEO Cablevision Systems 81. John Madden NFL commentator 82. John Kosner SVP, General Manager, ESPN New Media 83. Arn Tellem President, WMG Management 84. Bruton Smith Chairman, CEO, Speedway Motorsports 85. Adam Silver Deputy commissioner, COO, NBA 86. Charlie Denson President, Nike Brand 87. Tony Petitti EVP, executive producer, CBS Sports 88. Kobe Bryant Point guard, Los Angeles Lakers 89. Yao Ming Center, Houston Rockets 90. Tom Condon NFL Agent, CAA 91. Arte Moreno Owner, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 92. Brian Cashman General manager, New York Yankees 93. Joe Gibbs Head Coach, Washington Redskins; NASCAR team owner 94. Heidi Ueberroth President, Global Marketing, NBA 95. Earvin “Magic” Johnson NBA legend 96. Billy Beane Vice-president, general manager, Oakland Athletics 97. Micky Arison Owner, Miami Heat; chairman of NBA board of governors 98. Lesa France-Kennedy President International Speedway 99. David Berson EVP, program planning and strategy, ESPN 100. Donna Orender President, WNBA

That is the List

keep in mind again

IF players were not included

or those with NO power

inside of the Sports industry

questionable Gene Upshaw

a union leader NOT

business leader

would be the ONLY

African American

on the List

NOW you know

as thought you didn’t

where ALL the POWER

in American Sports is

WEEP again OR

do something

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